To type in Hindi on Android phone, use official Google app

Hindi typing is not new to Android phones. For over three years now, there is in-built support for Hindi in Android, an operating system that powers almost 90 per cent smartphones in India. In fact, nowadays most phones not only support Hindi but also several regional languages like Tamil and Gujarati. Yet, a lot of people struggle to type in Hindi on their phones.

The reason why so many people still don't type in Hindi even when they want and instead opt for hinglish, which is Hindi written using English alphabets, is because the ease of use. In many cases, typing in Hindi means using a Hindi-specific keyboard or setting Hindi as the system language.

The right solution for this problem for most users is the Google Indic Keyboard. Launched earlier this year, the Google Indic Keyboard eases the pain of typing in Hindi and makes it very convenient for users to switch between various languages without needing to change the keyboard. In fact, using the transliteration tool in the Indic Keyboard you can type in Hindi much faster compared to how you will type it using a dedicated Hindi keyboard. To use Indic Keyboard here is what you need to do:

— Some phones now have the Indic Keyboard pre-installed in them. But most don't. Don't worry. Download the Google Indic Keyboard from here .

— Once you have the app installed, tap on it and follow the onscreen instruction to set the keyboard as the default keyboard.

— Once the Indic keyboard is the default keyboard, you will see the Globe key on the keyboard. It's near the space bar. Tapping on this will allow you to quickly switch between the Hindi (or for that matter any other language you have selected) and the English keyboard.

–When you switch to the Hindi keyboard from English, you will get three options. Option 1 is transliteration. It works best and allows a user to type in English which then transliterated to Hindi. So you can type "yahan likho hindi mein" and that will appear in Hindi on the screen. The second option is to use a proper Hindi keyboard. The third option, meanwhile, allows a user to draw on the screen and that is then identified as a Hindi alphabet. It is like writing Hindi on a paper although glass is very slippery and unless you have a stylus, this method doesn't work all that well. Ideally just stick to the option 1 or 2 and you will be fine.

Unlike the other local language keyboards, the beauty of the Indic Keyboard is in its simplicity and its ability to switch between the Hindi and English keyboards effortlessly using the Globe key. So while writing a Facebook post, you can write half post in Hindi and half in English without going into settings and changing the keyboard. Pretty neat! 

Source India Today

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