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5 Gifts You Can Give This Valentine’s Day

There are two reasons people don’t like Valentine’s Day. First, because they don’t have anyone to celebrate it with and second, because they do, but can’t decide what to buy as a gift! Well, we may not be able to help the first group, but if you can’t find that perfect present, this might just help you out.

Power-bank: Imagine if the two of you could talk and text endlessly without having to worry about the dreaded ‘battery low’ alert. After all, what better gift could there be than 24×7 connectivity?



Earphones: Good music can make the most boring situations amazing, can’t it? Why not gift your partner a pair of new earphones, so every time they are listening to music, they’ll think of you? Plus, sharing earphones always makes for a pretty picture.


New Phone: Been together for quite some time? Want to gift something a little more expensive this Valentine’s? Well, we have something for you too. Surprise your partner with one of our feature-packed XOLO smartphones that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.



Phone case: If you can’t afford a new phone just yet, why not give their old phone a new look? Maybe you two could even sport matching designs!



Fitness trackers: A couple that works out together stays together. This adage hasn’t quite caught on yet but we’re sure it will soon! So, this Valentine’s Day maybe your heart won’t be the only thing racing!


Take it from us- turn up for the date with a cool yet practical gift and you’re sure to have a blast!