5 Things you must know about NFC 

NFC or the Near-Field Communication is a protocol that establishes a connection between two electronic devices when they are kept within a radius of around 4 cm. It uses less power, doesn’t need pairing, and can be used to share data files, social networking, making payments, etc.

Being the hot topic among the techies, here are 5 things you must know:

1. Inexpensive and Wireless: Using NFC does not require an internet connection. It is a real cost saving option to many business houses. NFC technology can be wirelessly, and hence conveniently, used to exchange apps and documents with your college mates and colleagues.



2. Easy Data sharing: NFC is the easiest process of data sharing because unlike Bluetooth it does not need pairing. All you have to do is to just bring the two devices together and you can start sharing. It lets you share contacts, photos, data, videos, important documents, etc. 



3. Mobile Payments through NFC: The full potential of NFC is still unexplored. But as on date, the best and the most common use of the NFC is in mobile payments. Making payments through NFC are highly safe and secure.



4.Other smart uses: Now that NFC payments have become quite commonplace, some companies are working on designing a NFC equipped car where you can unlock the car with your phone. Also you can simply tap your phone and your NFC-equipped speaker will start playing your playlist.



5. NFC tags:These are small tags can store wide range of information such as your personal information, a weblink or even some info about the object it’s attached to. These passive devices (don’t need power supply) can be used at museums to give information, in business cards, or even to start your PC.



NFC is the next big thing in the cashless economy and if that’s how we are going to transact. Make sure you are ahead of the race with NFC enabled phones such as XOLO X900 and XOLO Q1000B!

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