5 Things to consider before buying a new phone

Smartphones are an extension of ourselves today; the one you pick says a lot about who you are. An amateur photographer whose phone effortlessly replaces point and shoot, or a C-suite guy who needs a smartphone with amped up battery to get through a day of back-to-back meetings?


Regardless of your personality type, here are the key features to look for when buying a smartphone:

1. RAM – The reason why phones get slow


Phone so slow you want to bang it against the wall? We’ve all been there! While not a primary consideration for most, picking a smartphone with more RAM is essential for the constantly-switching-between-apps generation.


2. Camera – Make your Instagram pictures double-tap-worthy


Your smartphone camera can help frame a memory for life. Judging a good quality camera goes beyond just mega pixels. Check the camera spec sheet, does it come with Optical Image Stabilization, what’s the ISO, etc.


3. Screen Size – It does matter


Voracious readers need phones with a bigger screen size to consume sizeable content in one frame. But, if phone compactness is a priority then go for one with a smaller screen.


4. Resolution – For vivid, sharp display


Since the display is the first thing you see, it’s understandable why phone companies put so much emphasis on it. A high-res phone promises clearer and sharper display while the display technology – LED or AMOLED – influences viewing angles and color accuracy.


5. Battery Life – How long can it last?


Doesn’t running out of juice take you back to the Stone Age? Even with power banks handy, you need a smartphone that can at least go through half a day of active usage without breaking your heart. Also, look for battery saving features that can make all the difference in a crisis.

It’s okay to buy ‘the next big thing’ in the smartphone world as long as it matches up to the demands of today’s lifestyle. Be sure that the phone you pick checks the above criteria.




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