Simple tips to improve Google map navigation

Do you know what’s common between Columbus and us? We start for one place and end up in a totally different location, that too half hour late. He made it work out for him and he didn’t even have maps like you do. Google maps when used properly can be the ultimate guide to anywhere you want to go. Here are 5 tips to improve your navigation:


1. Use map offline: Be it to conserve data or battery, offline maps can save you a lot of time and frustration (in bad network patches). Simply go to an area on map you want to save offline, type “OK Maps” in the search bar, zoom in/out to select the area and hit Download. You’re done. Now you can use various Google map features even without internet.



2. Find ATMs and other utilities: You might not find cash there but looking for an ATM would never be a problem again. Click on the search bar, you’ll see little icons for ATMs, cafes, petrol pumps etc. Click on any of the icons and map will show you all those places around you.



3. Save home/work: To make your navigation easy, you can save two of your most frequented places i.e. Home and Work in the map. Now you don’t have to write the address every time and seeing how far you are from your saved locations is easy too.



4. Check Bus routes: New in the city and don’t know which bus to take? Well, Google Maps has got your back. Simply put the location where you want to go, choose the bus as the mode of transportation, and the map will show you all the possible bus routes as well as their schedule.



5. Add stops in way: Need to pick up some food before you go to your friend’s place? Google map allows you to add stops on your way now. Put in your destination but before you hit the navigation button, open options next to the search bar, click on ‘add stops’, enter the locations and hit enter.


These 5 tips can make your life a lot easier but if you still manage to lose your way, it’s not on the app.

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