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Android Mobile Phones in India

XOLO, a premium android mobile phones brand, has progressed to become a leading player in the domestic smartphone market. With a stronghold in the under 10K mobile phone price segment, the brand lets you buy mobile phones online that offer a fresh design approach and updated specifications like VoLTE 4G, Smart Camera and superior RAM to take performance and customer experience to The Next Level.

Since our inception in 2012, we have been at the forefront of creating the latest android phones with a superior smartphone experience and have partnered with industry leaders including Intel®, NVIDIA®, Broadcom, Mediatek, AMD, Microsoft and Qualcomm® to bring the best mobile phones in India to the market.

Our R&D team, based out of India and China, is relentlessly working to produce the best mobile phones that promise a seamless customer experience. By bringing a variety of dual sim mobiles to the market at difference price points, we intend to cater to the needs of the masses who now prefer to buy mobiles online.