• The World’s Fastest 17.78 cm (7) Android Tablet

    Xolo Play Tegra Note has been built for speed. The only 7-inch tablet to feature the fastest mobile processor, the NVIDIA® Tegra® 4. This tablet is made to deliver lightning fast web and gaming performance, with an extended battery life and an immersive sound system.

  • The World’s Fastest 17.78 cm (7) Android Tablet

    Does everything faster- It is mobile freedom at the speed of life.

    • 1.8 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 4 Quad-Core Processor
    • 4-A15 CPU Cores
    • 5th Battery Saver Core
    • 50 % Faster Web Browsing

    The Xolo Play Tegra Note comes with an exceptionally responsive and unique chisel tip NVIDIA DirectStylus. Built to help you compose and create on the fly giving you a natural writing experience.


    Smooth, fine lines and broader strokes all flow from your hand in a way you have never seen before on a tablet.

    • 3x more responsive than others
    • Intuitive finger and palm recognition
    • Broader Stroke Control for precision and flexibility
    • Grab, edit and easily share images from any app
    • Full Lasso selection that lets you edit, create and share PDF files on the go.
Write. Create. Edit.

Capture what your eye sees and get that pixel perfect shot. A camera with intuitive features that will captivate the photographer in you.


5 Mega Pixel Rear Camera that lets you capture the elemental reality with ease.

The first tablet with an always on HDR camera.

Tap to Track functionality that lets you track your subject till it’s in focus to get that perfect shot.

Slow-Motion: The only mobile camera that lets you slowdown that perfect moment in a video for drama and effective detailing.

Get more creative control with inbuilt Camera Awesome app.

  • Your Game.
    Your Console.
    Do More. Play More. Hear More.

    Gear up for an unmatched gaming experience with 5x the speed and integrated features that make the Xolo Play Tegra Note a gamers’ paradise.

  • Your Game.
    Your Console.
    Do More. Play More. Hear More.

    Gaming - as it should be.

    • 5x the speed powered by the lightning fast NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor
    • 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU for incredibly realistic and powerful graphics
    • An HDMI output so you can have a real-time gaming experience on your big TV screen.
    • Your one-stop-shop for all TegraZone HD games
  • MUSIC,
    Crank it Up!
    Do More. Play More. Hear More.

    Xolo Play Tegra Note has an incredible surround sound system built to amplify your music down to the last beat. Powered by the NVIDIA®PureAudio™ technology for the ultimate “true” stereo experience.

  • Music.
    Crank it Up!
    Do More. Play More. Hear More.

    Immersive audio technology for an unbeatable experience.

    • Tegra 4 audio processing for louder, cleaner and richer sound.
    • Two front facing speakers to deliver amplitude.
    • A Bass reflex port for unbeatable clarity.
    • An extended frequency range up to 380-12kHz in comparison to the typical 800-5kHz range.

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