Frequent Asked Questions

Q) How do I add an eMail account (non-Gmail) to the phone?

A) To add an Email Account, launch the Email app.

1. Enter your email address and password.

2. Touch Nextor Done, then wait for the Email app to connect with your mail provider.

3. Enter a display name (the name displayed to anyone to whom you send a message.) You can also enter an optional account name, which will display in the Email app’s list of accounts.

4. Touch Done to add the account.

Q) How do I add a Gmail account to the phone?

A) To add an existing Gmail account, launch the Gmail app.

1. Enter your Gmail address and password.

2. Touch Done.

3. Touch Next on the Backup and restore screen.

4. Touch Finish setup to finish.

Q) How do I import contacts from the SIM card?

A) You can import contacts from the SIM card from the native Contacts app. Run the Contacts app -> Select: Import from SIM card-> Touch:+ to select individual contacts to import or Touch: Menu key to select Import all.

Q) How do we resolve issues with Hang/Restart problem while upgrading the Handset via FOTA or USB Storage option?

A) If the phone is not responsive, it doesn’t boot, or it doesn’t charge, then send the phone to an Authorized Service Center.

Q) How do I use my phone as a modem?

A) If you have a Windows* 7 PC, you can accomplish this doing the following steps: Go to:Settings ->Tethering & portable hotspot, and Select:USB tethering.

Note:The phone must be connected to the PC via USB cable.

Windows XP contains the drivers needed to access USB tethering.To do so, first install a configuration file before connecting the phone to Windows XP computer. To instruct Windows XP how to configure itself to use those drivers:

1. Download configuration file (tetherxp.inf) to your Windows XP computer. Right click on the link and choose "Save As". (If your browser appends .html to the file name, you will need to edit the name to remove the .html extension.)
2. Use the USB cable that came with the phone to connect the phone to your computer.
3. On the Android phone, Select:Home > Select:Menu> Select:Settings to open the Settings application.
4. Select:Wireless & networks>Tethering & portable hotspot.
5. Check:USB tethering.
6. When Windows XP’s New Hardware Wizard opens,Select:No, not at this time and Click:Next.
7. Select:Install from a list or specific location and Click:Next.
8. Click: Browse to browse to the directory where you installed the configuration file downloaded in Step 1 and Click:Next. Windows XP uses the configuration file to configure itself to support USB tethering with the Android phone.
9. When Windows XP finishes installing the software for Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS, Click:Finish.

You can now use the new Windows XP local area network connection provided by your phone via USB tethering. For more information about configuring networks in Windows XP, see the documentation that comes with Windows.

Q) How do I setup the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

A) You can setup the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot by going to Menu ->Wireless & networks->Tethering and portable hotspot ->Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Q) How do I enable Bluetooth pairing on the phone?

A) You can enable Bluetooth pairing on the phone by going to Menu -> Wireless & networks -> Bluetooth -> Bluetooth settings->. Select from the list of available pairing devices. Note: Make sure the other device is on pairing mode, and the default name for the phone is XOLO_X900. Also if the device doesn’t appear, Select: Scan for devices to refresh the list.

Q) How do I erase the phone?

A) You can reset thephone by doing a factory data reset following these steps: From Settings ->Privacy->Factory data reset->Reset phone->Erase everything->Phone.
Note: Select:Erase USB Storage before selecting Reset phone to delete all the files in the internal memory. In addition the process will require a reboot to finish formatting the phone, and all pictures taken with this phone will also be erased.


Q) Phone not connecting to GPRS or Wi-Fi

A) There could be many reasons why the phone is not connecting to GPRS or WiFi.

1. Make sure that the phone is not on airplane mode. Go to Settings->Wireless, and make Airplane mode is notchecked; also you can see an airplane notification icon when Airplane mode is activated. See below.


2. Make sure that sure that data is enabled when using the phone with GPRS. Check this by going Settings -> Wireless -> Mobile networks, ensure “Data enabled” is selected.


Q) Phone not connecting to GPRS or Wi-Fi

A)Go to Settings -> Sound ->Phone ringtone. Select: the ringtone you want to use on the list, and then select:OK.

You can also set a MP3 music file as aring tone. To set MP3 ringtone, go to the MusicApp and play the music you want to set as ring tone thenSelect: MENU ->Use as ringtone.

Q) How do I set a ring tone for a particular contact?

A)To set a ringtone for a particular contact, Select: the contact you want to assign a specific ringtone then Select:MENU, ->Options from menu options that have appeared. Then choose the ringtone you want to assign to the contact and tap OK.

Q) How can I change a contact's primary number on phone?

A)To change a contact's primary number, Select:Contacts->Select the particular contact you would like to edit, Select: MENU->Edit contact.

Q) How can I import the contacts stored in the SIM card?

A)To import contacts from the SIM card go toContacts->Select:MENU hard key->Import/Export->Import from SIM card->MENU hard key->Import All

Q) How can I improve the battery life of my phone?

A) To optimize the battery usage of thephone, kindly note the following points:

1. Adjust the phone's Brightness to suitable levels as usually the backlight is the biggest consumer of battery power. Go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness. Here you can adjust the brightness as per your comfort levels or choose the option of Automatic Brightness which will automatically adjust the brightness based on the lighting.

2. Switch off the Wi-Fi function when it is not in use. The Wi-Fi network continuously scans for networks and thus consumes a lot battery power.

3. Similarly turn off Bluetooth when it is not in use

Tip: To easily turn of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS functions, enable the Power Widget on the screen by touching and holding for one second an empty location on the background, and selecting Widgets -> Power Control.

Note: Some applications will synchronize in the background, this in turn consumes battery; you can disable this by unselecting the background synchronization from the power widget circled above.

4. Applications running in the backgroundare also one of the biggest consumers of battery life. When finished using an application, close it using the “Return” icon, instead of “Home”. When you press “Home” the application will be stay on the background, but if you press “Return” the will close.

5. Live wallpaper consumes battery, to save battery disable them.

Q) How to set the video/photo quality in phone?

A) Go to Camera application and touch the side bar with a small arrow in the middle (see picture below) todisplaythe camera settings. ->Select:Icon for setting the quality of the picture (see picture below)andSelect: from the list of picture quality desired.

Q) How to set the video/photo resolution in phone?

A) Select:Camera app Select ->the side barwith a small arrow in the middle , Select:Icon for setting the resolution of the picture (see picture below) ->Select: from the list the resolution desired.

Q) How can I clear thephone's default internet browser?

A) To clear the current default browser, Select:Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications-> All. Search for the browser which is used as your default. Select:Browser then scroll down, Select: Clear data.

Q) Why does the phone display the web page differently compared to my PC?

A) By default, the phone displays all web pages using "mobile view". However, you can change this default setting to a "full site" view to display the page the same way it is does on a normal computer. To change how the web page is displayed to a "full site" view, from Home open theBrowser->Select: -> Menu->Settingsun-check the Auto-fit pages.

Q) How can I add icons/shortcuts/widget on the phonehomescreen?

A)Long press on the home screen, thewindow Add to Home Screen displays. Select:item desired such asWidgets orFolders.

Q) How can I remove icons/shortcuts/widgeton thephonehome screens?

A) Press and hold the icon which you want to remove. The icon will highlightand the Trash icon bin will display. Now hold & drag the icon you want to remove to the Trash bin. Remove your finger when icon turns red.

Q) How do I use the internet over Wi-Fi on thephone?

A) To connect to a Wi-Fi network go to Settings -> Wireless & networks, make sure that Wi-Fi is selected. Select: Wi-Fi settings-> Select:Wi-Fi network from the list or scroll to the bottom of the list and Select:Add Wi-Fi network. Depending upon the network setting it may prompt you to enter the password if required.

Q) I am unable to send MMS from my phone, what could be the reason?

A) To use data services (like MMS) over your mobile network, it must beenabled from the Android settings. Select:Settings->Wireless & networks, scroll to the bottom and ->Mobile networksthen Check:Data enabled option.

Q) How do I replace or remove the SIM Cardfrom thephone?

A) Open the micro-SIM card tray with the included SIM eject tool, Insert the micro-SIM card into the tray, making sure that it matches the illustration on the tray. Push the tray back into the phone.

Q) How do I reset the phone back to the factory default settings and how to back up the data?

A) Warning: Resetting your phone will erase your phone's data completely. Remember to back up your phone information and settings. To reset the phone back t the factory default settings:
Select:MENU ->Settings->Privacy->Factory data reset.
To backup all of your personal information on your phone, please Select:Settings Privacy->Back up my data.

Q) What to do if thephone does not switch on or does not start charging?

A) Ensure that the battery is not discharged. If you have just unpacked the box and are using the phone for the first time, you will need to charge the phonebefore it can be switched ON.
Note that when the charging starts, it may take several minutes before anything is seen on the screen. If nothing happens, disconnect the charger and try again.
If still nothing happens and the device doesn't switch ON, try resetting the device by pressing the power key for 10 seconds and releasing it, and press the power key for 2-3 seconds to turn on. If the charging symbol is still not visible on screen and the battery isn’t charging; the phone should be sentto an authorized Service Centre for check-up.

Phone SIM Tray location

SIM Tray removal process as illustrated in the User Guide

1. Insert the sim card tool into the hole as instructed in the user manual. Once the tray is out enough, use fingers to open tray.

2. If fingers cannot be used, use the blunt end of the sim card tool to gently remove the now partially opened door

SIM Tray removal process using a paper push pin

Step 1:Insert SIM Card Tool into the SIM tray eject hole, slowly applying pressure.

Step 2: When the edge of the SIM tray is slightly out, use the SIM CARD TOOL to try to eject the tray out; enough to pull it with your fingers.

Step 3: Pulling the SIM Tray out