Why it’s important to upgrade your smartphone

Let’s see why it’s important to upgrade your smartphone (and why it’s alright that it sometimes updates without you having any idea about it):

1.Better performance: Software upgrades help the OS to stay in the best possible shape. Developers are constantly testing out applications and software to find issues that might not be letting your phone work to its full potential. And when they do find something, they release a software patch for that.

2. Newer layout: If you get bored of seeing the same old layout and UI on your phone, then upgrading to a higher android version can give you a change of scenery. Newer versions always come with a different design for better looks and easy operating.

3. Bug fixes: One of the most important part of updates is to fix bugs and other issues in the older version. So, if you have been having problems with your phones or some apps lately, then you might want to keep an eye out for updates.

4. New Features: An OS upgrade almost always brings along a couple of new features, be it the smart notification, Google Now, or even just app access from the lock screen.

5. Security: Cyber criminals are always looking for loopholes in your phone’s security to exploit. Developers do the same, only to fix those loopholes. As and when something of the sort is found, a security patch is released. So, updating your phone also keeps your information and data safe.

Keeping your smartphone’s Operating System and the application updated is very important for a smooth and safe functioning. So, don’t miss out on the latest features of your phone and keep it updated.

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