Want to boost your social life? The XOLO Era 1X shows you how

Humans are social beings; we live for interaction. That’s why smartphones are such a boon to us, because they allow us to live a more active life. And the XOLO Era 1X is perfect when it comes to boosting your social life. Here’s how.


Discover like-minded people

Bored of your mundane city life? Then go out and do something that you enjoy. It doesn’t even matter if your friends don’t tag along. With apps like Facebook Groups, you can join groups that interest you and make new friends that share your passions.


Whether you’re a book lover, photography enthusiast or a musician looking for someone to jam with, your smartphone can help you.


Try new activities

No plans for the weekend? Don’t spend it doing nothing at home. Go out and try something you probably never have before. With your 4G enabled XOLO smartphone you can quickly log into sites like Thrillophillia, goMowgli or BlueBulb, look for fun activities to do and book them on the spot.


From heritage walks to overnight treks, watersports to hot air balloon rides, there are tons of fun things to do and new people to meet.


Make international friends

Taking an international trip? Don’t do the same old boring hotel stays. Check out apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing, where you can stay with locals. Apart from helping you save money, this option introduces you to new people in new places. The best part? Your homestay hosts can provide you with all the necessary information for local travel and dining to make your trips smoother.



Get local recommendations

Love food? Forget those 5-star rated restaurants. Websites like Bonappetour can help you find great ‘home restaurants’ in other cities, while meeting people who share your love for gastronomy. Or try apps like Nearify where you can find awesome, new things to do whether you’re in Kolkata, Chicago, London or Singapore.


So, what are you waiting for? Make friends, socialise and don’t let anything stop you from living life to the fullest.

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