Try These 5 Tricks To Boost Your Smartphone’s Internet Speed

Has the internet speed on your Android smartphone drop down tremendously? Here're the tricks to boost it up.

The Internet is an integral part of our lives, and any interruption in that might be extremely annoying for anyone.

Check your network connection' is one message that is often very irritating. When recharged, the internet in your Android mobile might work well, however later in the month the internet might just slow down drastically, which can often be a nightmare to many.
Imagine if your internet connection slows down in the middle of watching a movie, or doing some office task? This is one problem that all mobile users have been facing for a long time now. However, there are 5 quick tricks that Android mobile users can try out to speed up their internet connection.

  • 1. Clear the Cache After your cache memory is full, your Android phone automatically slows down. Hence cleaning your Androids cache will deliver a faster mobile experience, by speeding up the internet connection.
  • 2. Uninstall Useless Apps We are often habituated with downloading several apps on our phone, which in turn lowers down the speed of the internet speed. So, uninstalling these unnecessary apps from your phone is important to speed up the internet.
  • 3. Use Android Apps to Increase Internet Speed There are very many Android apps available to speed up the internet, and downloading them is a must. Apps like Internet Booster and Optimizer, Faster Internet 2X and more, is a mandatory download to speed up the internet on Android.
  • 4. Enable the Maximum Loading Data Option Changing the settings can also help an Android user to speed up their internet connection. Go to the Wireless and Network settings on your Android device and select the GPRS transfer to Data Prefer, in order to increase the internet speed.
  • 5. Switch OFF and ON the Internet Connection The most easiest of the all is to switch the data connection OFF and then ON it fresh. Doing so often solve the connection issue, and in turn, increases the internet speed.

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