There’s A Reason Your Smartphone is Called Smart!

There’s a reason smartphones are called smart. Think about it. They are your 2 AM friend, they give you the best life hacks, keep you connected to the world, and even when you’re alone, you’re never lonely. But if you still want to get more smart work out of your smartphone, here’s how to do it.  


Organise your life

We could all do with a little more productivity; something to help plan and execute our daily tasks. Apps like Jorte Calendar & Organizer, Google Keep and Any.Do Cal do just that by helping you schedule and keep track of all your meetings. You can also set reminders to complete certain tasks. All in all, you can organise and manage work and life far more efficiently.




Boost your knowledge

Forget all those people who said smartphones aren’t good for you. Contrary to belief, smartphones can actually make you smarter. Whether it’s learning a new language or musical instrument, or even taking an online course, a smartphone can help boost your knowledge. What’s even better is that you can Google any information you need, about any topic, while on the go. So, the learning never stops.



Manage your money

Become your own financial planner with apps like Monefy and CoinKeeper, which help track and budget expenses daily, weekly and monthly. This way you can have your cake and eat it too. And if you’re a frequent business traveller, Expensify can help you keep a tab on receipts and expenses for work trips.



The next time someone asks you why you’re hooked to your phone, just show them the cool ways you get your smartphone to do all the hard work for almost no effort, so you get more out of life!

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