Take smartphone photography to the next level with these cool accessories

Want phone pictures that are just as great as those from your DSLR? Well, that’s possible now! Thanks to various smartphone accessories. Read on as we list some of the best ones.


External Flash

A handier version of the off-camera flash used for DSLRs, this attachment provides soft and illuminating light source for your phone. With this in tow, you’ll never again have to compromise with the harsh lighting of your phone’s flash. When buying, look for ones with both warm and white LEDs which will help you control the angle and intensity of the light to bring more depth to your photos and night-time videos.




Smartphone Tripod Mounts

Smartphone tripods are compact, lightweight and perfect for adventure photography. They come in different shapes and types, and some designs even have adjustable legs that can stretch and bend. This makes it easy to place them on uneven surfaces. When done, fold and store it in your backpack and continue your travels. 


Auxiliary Lenses

Want exceptional image quality, but don’t want to lug around a DSLR camera? Auxiliary lenses for smartphones are the answer. They are compact and can be clipped on to your smartphone’s camera. These lenses offer brilliant macro, fisheye and wide angle shots like any professional camera. Which means you can capture approximately 180 degree field of view with fisheye and double of that with wide angle lens right from your smartphone.




Remote Triggers

Your smartphone can not only replace your DSLR, it can even make your DSLR experience better! How? Just download one of the remote trigger apps on your smartphone and connect it to your camera. This lets you take the kind of pictures you want, from a distance. Some apps also let you choose sound and motion triggers. You can choose when and what your camera clicks, whether it is multiple pictures for combining into HDR or time-lapse photography.




Selfie Sticks

You know they get a bad name for no reason. Avid self-portrait enthusiasts will find that makes an excellent smartphone accessory as it combines style with functionality. It has a detachable Bluetooth remote, a foldable tripod and a sturdy mount to keep your smartphone safe and make the mounting of the phone a single handed, double tap experience.



So, get clicking with these smartphone essentials and set your inner shutterbug free!



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