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Simple tips to improve Google map navigation

Do you know what’s common between Columbus and us? We start for one place and end up in a totally different location, that too half hour late. He made it work out for him and he didn’t even have maps like you do. Google maps when used properly can be the ultimate guide to anywhere you want to go. Here are 5 tips to improve your navigation:


1. Use map offline: Be it to conserve data or battery, offline maps can save you a lot of time and frustration (in bad network patches). Simply go to an area on map you want to save offline, type “OK Maps” in the search bar, zoom in/out to select the area and hit Download. You’re done. Now you can use various Google map features even without internet.



2. Find ATMs and other utilities: You might not find cash there but looking for an ATM would never be a problem again. Click on the search bar, you’ll see little icons for ATMs, cafes, petrol pumps etc. Click on any of the icons and map will show you all those places around you.



3. Save home/work: To make your navigation easy, you can save two of your most frequented places i.e. Home and Work in the map. Now you don’t have to write the address every time and seeing how far you are from your saved locations is easy too.



4. Check Bus routes: New in the city and don’t know which bus to take? Well, Google Maps has got your back. Simply put the location where you want to go, choose the bus as the mode of transportation, and the map will show you all the possible bus routes as well as their schedule.



5. Add stops in way: Need to pick up some food before you go to your friend’s place? Google map allows you to add stops on your way now. Put in your destination but before you hit the navigation button, open options next to the search bar, click on ‘add stops’, enter the locations and hit enter.


These 5 tips can make your life a lot easier but if you still manage to lose your way, it’s not on the app.

5 Things you should know about 4G enabled phones

Remember when phones got internet? WAP was the best thing ever, right? And then 2G came along with much better internet connectivity and speed, but only to be side-lined by the almighty 3G. It was what all the cool kids were talking about. But as generations go (which G stands for, by the way), 3G is already old news and 4G has become the newest selling point for mobiles as well as service providers. So, let’s understand 4G a little better.


1. How is it different from 3G and others?

4G is the fourth version of mobile data technology since 1980s. But there are various standards between 3G and 4G too, such as HSPA and HSPA+. Max download speed specified for 3G is 384kbps, for H+ 14.4 mbps to 84.8 mbps whereas for 4G LTE its 100mbps. 4G LTE-A can give as fast as 1gbps as specified by ITU-R.



2. Does it affect voice calling?

Unfortunately, 4G itself can’t improve your voice calling services since all calls in India are still made over older networks. Having said that, if and when service providers switch to voLTE, we’ll have much better telephoning experience and much fewer call drops.


3. What if you slip out of 4G coverage?

If this a question that worries you, it shouldn’t. 4G phones are designed to automatically switch to the available 3G network if it couldn’t find 4G. You won’t lose data access since 3G is practically everywhere.



4. What are the different data symbols in your phone?

If you have ever paid attention to the status bar of your phone while it’s accessing data you’d have noticed tiny letters like E, 3G, H, H+, LTE there. Ever wondered what they are? These letters stand for Edge, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+ (different releases), and 4G LTE respectively.


5. How to tell if your phone has 4G option?

I hope you made sure before buying your phone but if you didn’t, checking if it supports 4G is a matter of a seconds. Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode. There you’ll find the option to switch between different modes like 2G, 3G and 4G. If you see 4G there then your phone supports it.


Well there you go, the next the time you hear the term 4G, you are ready to show off some knowledge in front of your friends.


5 Gifts You Can Give This Valentine’s Day

There are two reasons people don’t like Valentine’s Day. First, because they don’t have anyone to celebrate it with and second, because they do, but can’t decide what to buy as a gift! Well, we may not be able to help the first group, but if you can’t find that perfect present, this might just help you out.

Power-bank: Imagine if the two of you could talk and text endlessly without having to worry about the dreaded ‘battery low’ alert. After all, what better gift could there be than 24×7 connectivity?



Earphones: Good music can make the most boring situations amazing, can’t it? Why not gift your partner a pair of new earphones, so every time they are listening to music, they’ll think of you? Plus, sharing earphones always makes for a pretty picture.


New Phone: Been together for quite some time? Want to gift something a little more expensive this Valentine’s? Well, we have something for you too. Surprise your partner with one of our feature-packed XOLO smartphones that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.



Phone case: If you can’t afford a new phone just yet, why not give their old phone a new look? Maybe you two could even sport matching designs!



Fitness trackers: A couple that works out together stays together. This adage hasn’t quite caught on yet but we’re sure it will soon! So, this Valentine’s Day maybe your heart won’t be the only thing racing!


Take it from us- turn up for the date with a cool yet practical gift and you’re sure to have a blast!

4 Ways to stop your battery from draining out

We’ve all been in situations when our phones have died out just when we needed them most; whether it was to book a cab late at night or to take an important official call. So, is there anything you can do to prevent your phone battery from draining out quickly? You bet there is! Here are some smart and easy tips to reduce battery usage.


Charge the battery correctly

Do you unplug the charger as soon as your phone battery is at an acceptable level? Well, many do this, and that’s where we go wrong. Today, most smartphones run on Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, which can (and should) be charged frequently, even when not fully drained. This maintains the original capacity, keeps the phone running longer and extends the life of the battery.



Turn off the vibration

Did you know that vibrations consume more battery power than ringtones? How, you ask? Ringtones are tiny vibrations that occur in the phone speaker, while vibrations run through the entire phone, thus consuming more power. So, turn off the vibration mode when not needed to save your precious battery.



Close apps not in use

Do you use apps and forget to close them when you’re done? Many of us are guilty of this. What you should know is that apps running in the background can drain your battery in no time. Remember, if you want to boost your phone’s battery for those prolonged text and call conversations, close all apps that are not being used.



Minimise notifications

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or just e-mail, we have every notification on our phones turned on. Little do we realise that these can use up a lot of battery. This is because they either light up the screen, play a tone or vibrate. So, if you want more time to browse social sites, disable unnecessary notifications to save on battery power.



Follow these steps and your phone will last throughout the day and even during those times when you have only your smartphone for company.

Better pictures are a touch away with the XOLO Era 2X

Ever had to click multiple pictures just to get one great shot? We’ve all been there. But, no more of that. XOLO’s newest addition- the Era 2X has some cool features that make its camera one of the best, and offers a more enjoyable smartphone photography experience. Here’s what you can expect from it.


Flawless Colour

Don’t let excessive light ruin the quality of your pictures. The Blue Glass Filter on the XOLO Era 2X eliminates this problem by filtering the light, and capturing images exactly how you see them. So, all your photography is clear and pops with colour.

2 era 2x..


Rich details

Bid adieu to poor gradation and overexposed images with iHDR technology. It records multiple still images with various exposures and combines them to give you a single, stunning image with even tones.



Professional quality images

Flat, blurry images will no longer take up memory space on your phone, thanks to the inclusion of the 5P Largan Lens. It offers better focus and minimal distortions, which means every click captures sharp, almost professional-like images.



Quick Launch Camera

No more fiddling with lock patterns and PIN codes to get to your camera. With Era 2’s Finger Print Sensor, you can access the camera in the blink of an eye, so you never miss a great photo opportunity.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and make every image a great one with the XOLO Era 2X.



There’s A Reason Your Smartphone is Called Smart!

There’s a reason smartphones are called smart. Think about it. They are your 2 AM friend, they give you the best life hacks, keep you connected to the world, and even when you’re alone, you’re never lonely. But if you still want to get more smart work out of your smartphone, here’s how to do it.  


Organise your life

We could all do with a little more productivity; something to help plan and execute our daily tasks. Apps like Jorte Calendar & Organizer, Google Keep and Any.Do Cal do just that by helping you schedule and keep track of all your meetings. You can also set reminders to complete certain tasks. All in all, you can organise and manage work and life far more efficiently.




Boost your knowledge

Forget all those people who said smartphones aren’t good for you. Contrary to belief, smartphones can actually make you smarter. Whether it’s learning a new language or musical instrument, or even taking an online course, a smartphone can help boost your knowledge. What’s even better is that you can Google any information you need, about any topic, while on the go. So, the learning never stops.



Manage your money

Become your own financial planner with apps like Monefy and CoinKeeper, which help track and budget expenses daily, weekly and monthly. This way you can have your cake and eat it too. And if you’re a frequent business traveller, Expensify can help you keep a tab on receipts and expenses for work trips.



The next time someone asks you why you’re hooked to your phone, just show them the cool ways you get your smartphone to do all the hard work for almost no effort, so you get more out of life!

How blazing fast Fingerprint Sensor of XOLO Era 2X will make your life more convenient

Ever watched ‘James Bond’, and had your mind completely blown by all that cool technology? Well, we’re now one step closer to experiencing the brilliance of that technology. Finger Print Sensors are a thing of the present, and it’s one of the main features of the XOLO Era 2X. Here’s what that means for you.

No more PINs and patterns

You can now feel like a spy agent every time you unlock your phone. Simply place your finger on the sensor, and voila! It’s quick, simple and you never have to worry about forgetting your passcode again.



Protect your data

Love your privacy, and don’t want anyone else accessing your photos and videos? That’s exactly what the Finger Print Sensor offers- total security. Your fingerprint is all you need to protect all your gallery content from unauthorised use, even if your phone isn’t locked.


Completely hassle free

With the finger print sensor located on the back of the phone, you can practically unlock your phone with your eyes closed. Not only is this quicker, but it is also more convenient, considering you can unlock your phone as you pick it up.


Limited Access

Want to share your phone access with just a handful of people who are closest to you? You can do that as well. The XOLO Era 2X allows you to register up to 5 identities that can unlock and access your device.


Quick Launch Camera

Need instant camera access to snap a picture quickly? You can use the finger print sensor to launch the camera. And that means no more fiddling with locks or searching through your applications for the camera.



With all these advantages at your fingertips, there’s no denying that this is the ultimate smartphone.