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Want to hide personal data on your phone? Here’s how

Did your heart stop the last time you had to give your phone to someone? Fearing which folder they’ll open? It’s quite understandable since all your personal data, emails, photographs, and other sensitive information, is saved on it. Your data is not just vulnerable when handing over the phone to someone but also to hacking and theft.

Here are some tips to keep personal data hidden and secure on your phone.

Swiper, no Swiping: Don’t you hate it when you give someone your phone to show them a picture, and they start swiping sideways to see others? Well, apps such as Focus can prevent this as it requests a PIN before showing the next photo.



Fingerprint scanner: The latest smartphones such as Xolo Era 2X have fingerprint sensors which you can use not only to limit access to your phone, but also to add extra protection to apps related to banking and chat.



.nomedia file: Hide content from your gallery by simply adding a blank file in the specific folder. A good File Manager software such as ES Explorer is necessary for this. Simply create a file with the name .nomedia and place it in the folder. It acts as an indication for the other apps to skip the folder.



App options: You can also choose from the many apps on Play Store to secure your phone data. Applocker, for instance, locks folders and apps, and only allows access through a password.



Antivirus: Hackers can get access to your phone’s content through malwares that come along with some of your favourite apps (and of course the ones you don’t like). Install a good antivirus on your smartphone to prevent information leaks.


Use any of these tips to better secure your phone, and you will be less stressed about who’s holding it.

Simple tricks to protect your phone this Holi

Holi is a crazy time. People don’t hold back with colour and water balloons and various other substances that leave you with coloured finger nails, hair and skin- because #BuraNaMaanoHoliHai. But how do you expect your phone to survive the craziness?!

Here are some tips to keep your phone safe while you enjoy the best holi ever.


1. Zip lock it: Put your phone inside, zip it, and put it in your pocket. Now you can go take a dip in any ol’ pool and your phone should be fine. You can even pick calls, albeit at the cost of looking a little ridiculous.



2. Cling film: This easily available kitchen tool has many utilities and it can be of great help to protect your phone on holi. Just wrap a few layers around your phone, secure it in place with some cello tape and you are good to go outside. Put a few more layers and it will give your phone enough protection to handle the over enthusiastic crowd too.



3. Cover the openings: If you didn’t have time to prepare in advance, you can still do a makeshift waterproofing of your phone with some scotch tape. In most cases water enters your phone through the openings at bottom – earphone, usb, speaker grills. Putting some tape on that can protect it from water splashes.



But what if you still manage to get some water in your phone? We’ll take care of that too.


1. Don’t blow dry: Taking a blow dryer to your doused phone might seem like a logical thing but don’t do it. Along with drying the water, the hot air could also burn the sensitive components inside the phone.



2. The old rice bowl trick: Remove the battery, pat dry the phone with tissue and put it in a bowl of dry rice overnight. Don’t forget to change the phone’s position every now and then. The rice absorbs all the moisture and your phone should be good to go.


So, pick whichever option works best for you but don’t forget to protect your phone this holi.


Learn how to improve your phone’s GPS

Can’t find your way? Open Google maps. Hungry? Open a food ordering app. Going for an evening stroll? Open Pokemon Go- well, not anymore. Do you know what’s common in all these scenarios? Global Positioning System, playfully called GPS. Most apps today in your phone need GPS. But GPS, like most other things, doesn’t work equally good on every phone.

So, is there anything you can do to improve your phone’s GPS? Let’s see.


Switch to High Accuracy mode: Every smartphone has this option under GPS settings. Unfortunately, it also consumes more battery. But if you really need a more accurate location, and are ready to make this sacrifice, you can enable this mode by going to Settings >> Location >> Mode and switching High Accuracy on. Google Maps will be a lot less likely to randomly stall!



Recalibrate the compass: /span>Your phone often asks you to recalibrate the internal compass and if you’ve been ignoring it, that could lead to a wonky GPS. To check, go to Google Maps and if the blue dot’s beam is wide or pointing in the wrong direction, make a figure of 8 with your phone a couple of times till the beam if more focused.



Keep your GPS switched on: When you switch from GPS-mandatory applications to non-GPS based applications, your phone switches off the connection to save battery. However, keeping it on at all times with apps such as GPS Connected will keep it locked in even while you flip through apps.



Run a diagnostic: Though most companies offer special applications to test the services on a phone, these applications may fail to report the issue. You can use applications such as GPS Essentials which will give you precise information about the signal as well as hardware and software issues.



VoLTE – You’ve heard of it. Now know of it!

It can get irritating when a 4G/LTE network that can give seamless video streaming and video calls anywhere, can’t even promise an uninterrupted call if you enter the metro or even a basement!

Well, that is about to change. We might soon have voice over LTE (VoLTE) services in India which will revolutionise the way phone calls work! Instead of using older networks, the voice is delivered as the data through the LTE network.

What can VoLTE do for you?

1. HD Voice: VoLTE customers can experience dramatic improvement in voice quality. This is because it chops up the phone call into small data packages and sends it via the world wide web! This results in a better and clearer voice call and far less break-ups (pun intended).



2. Simultaneous voice and data use: Though VoLTE essentially works through the internet, it would still allow you to be on a call and still use the internet on your phone much better than before. Imagine watching a YouTube video while taking business calls!



3. No extra charges: If the current VoLTE services available around the world are any indication, then you won’t have to pay any extra charges for it. So, you don’t have to cut down on your shopping to be able to enjoy good connectivity.



4. Faster call setup times: You know how you sometimes dial a number and then wait longer for the ringing to start than the conversation itself? Calls connect at a faster rate on VoLTE as compared to the connecting speeds of older technology networks.



5. Phones in Indian market:  Not every phone supports VoLTE by default just how not every phone supports 4G/LTE. But you can find VoLTE support in smartphones like the XOLO Era 2X, available for Rs 6,666 for 2GB and Rs 7, 499 for 3GB RAM. Now that’s what you call more value for less money.


So, make sure your smartphone supports VoLTE and get ready for a whole new calling and browsing experience!


5 Weirdly timed selfies that you can take with your XOLO Era 1X smartphone

Selfies- we cannot resist taking them no matter where we are. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from clicking away, even when we probably should. Here are 5 weirdly timed selfies you can take with your XOLO Era 1X.

1. While at the gym


If the daredevil in you wants to take a selfie while on the treadmill or doing push ups, go for it. Unlike most people who cringe at the thought of sweaty, red faced pictures, you have a secret weapon- the Era 1X camera’s Beauty Mode. It automatically enhances pictures, making you look great all the time.


2. When you’re in trouble


Your car has stalled and you’re waiting by the roadside for a tow truck. What do you do to pass time? Take selfies of course! After all, your Era 1X front camera ensures you always get the perfect selfie- be it day or night (that’s what the front flash is for- low light photography!)


3. While being messy


Birthday cake being smashed on your face? Covered with dough after a pie-making session? What a great photo-op! but don’t just settle for a regular selfie. Try the Live Photo mode on the Xolo Era 1X, which will capture all the action, with accompanying sounds.


4. While you’re being yelled at



So, what if you’re being yelled at by your parents for coming home late but bae needs photographic proof that you’ve reached home safe and sound? Or what if bae is the one who’s had enough of you? Double tap on your Era 1X’s home button, and you’re directed straight to the camera. Click and send- because misery sure does like company.


5. While getting medical attention


Celebrities take hospital bed selfies all the time. So, why shouldn’t you? Although, you might have to sneak your smartphone into the operation theatre for this, which is highly unlikely. But there’s no harm in trying,right?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pout on! Your Instagram followers are waiting!

5 Things you must know about NFC 

NFC or the Near-Field Communication is a protocol that establishes a connection between two electronic devices when they are kept within a radius of around 4 cm. It uses less power, doesn’t need pairing, and can be used to share data files, social networking, making payments, etc.

Being the hot topic among the techies, here are 5 things you must know:

1. Inexpensive and Wireless: Using NFC does not require an internet connection. It is a real cost saving option to many business houses. NFC technology can be wirelessly, and hence conveniently, used to exchange apps and documents with your college mates and colleagues.



2. Easy Data sharing: NFC is the easiest process of data sharing because unlike Bluetooth it does not need pairing. All you have to do is to just bring the two devices together and you can start sharing. It lets you share contacts, photos, data, videos, important documents, etc. 



3. Mobile Payments through NFC: The full potential of NFC is still unexplored. But as on date, the best and the most common use of the NFC is in mobile payments. Making payments through NFC are highly safe and secure.



4.Other smart uses: Now that NFC payments have become quite commonplace, some companies are working on designing a NFC equipped car where you can unlock the car with your phone. Also you can simply tap your phone and your NFC-equipped speaker will start playing your playlist.



5. NFC tags:These are small tags can store wide range of information such as your personal information, a weblink or even some info about the object it’s attached to. These passive devices (don’t need power supply) can be used at museums to give information, in business cards, or even to start your PC.



NFC is the next big thing in the cashless economy and if that’s how we are going to transact. Make sure you are ahead of the race with NFC enabled phones such as XOLO X900 and XOLO Q1000B!

Learn How to Get That Perfect Shot in Low Light

Imagine you’re out for a romantic late night dinner. Or, more likely, you’re out for a post-midnight drive around town with friends. The moon is gorgeous, falling just right on all your faces. The mood is alive. The scene is set… the urge to take a picture is growing stronger. And then, you give in. The camera clicks but the result is an utter disappointment.

If your photo is full of images like this, it’s time that you took a crash course in low light photography.

1. Stabilise your shot- The camera shutter needs to stay open for longer to get enough light, so a moving camera can ruin your picture. Try to keep your camera steady when you’re taking a picture in low light. Take support or use a tripod if you can.



2.Adjust your settings – White balance and focusing becomes even more important when the surrounding is dark. So, make sure you click on the subject you want focus on before taking the picture. You can also manually change the ISO and shutter speed. And don’t worry if you’re new to it, just play around with the settings and see what works best.



3. Do NOT zoom – If you feel you’re too far away, get a little closer to the subject, but try to avoid using the digital zoom option in your phone. In most cases, this is almost the same as cropping it afterwards. Advanced smartphones with optical zoom can help you get a high-quality photograph that’ll fool anyone into thinking you were right there!



4. Use the environment- As much as light is important for a good photo, you don’t want too much of it, and you don’t want it from the wrong angle. Try using natural lights such as car headlights or streetlights, rather than depending on your flash, which could be too harsh and too direct.



5. Edit wisely- Desperate times call for desperate measures! When the light is bad, don’t shy away from using filters and editing your photograph. A tweak of brightness and contrast levels can make a huge difference. Several android phones also give you a raw image that has much more scope for processing but if your phone isn’t one of them, you can still reduce noisy shadows with handy editing apps.


The next time you have a great late night, make sure you have the photos to prove it!

Features your smartphone must have if you are a gamer

What do you do when you are waiting for the friends who are just 5 minutes away for the last hour? Or when you are getting shoved around in the metro or the local while going to college? If you are anything like me, you’ll whip out your phone and start playing a game. From single hand tap games to complex multi touch fps, mobile phones have it all now. But do you have the phone to play it all?


Here are 5 specs an ideal gaming phone must have:

1. OS: No, we are not talking about the Android vs others war. Here it’s more about which version of the OS you are using. Newer, the better so go for lollipop or a later one for optimum performance. Moreover, updated OS also helps with better and bug-free experience.



2. Processor: If your phone has a brain, it’s the processor (CPU, GPU and chipset mainly). It, as the name suggests, processes the instructions and executes the commands. So, faster the processor, smoother the performance though anything around 1.5GHz would work wonders.



3. Memory: Here we’ll call RAM and internal storage collectively as memory. This is where you’ll store your game files and as well as the frequently used instructions. Lack of enough RAM would make your game lag and you irritated. You’ll need at least 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage for HD games.



4. Display: Where the whole game is played on and through the screen, it has to be good. You’ll need really good resolution for HD action games especially. 1080 X 1920 pixels with about 401 ppi on at least 5 inch screen is ideal for a gaming phone. This is what you’ll get in the most expensive phones today. Untitled-2

5. Battery: What’s the point of having everything if your phone doesn’t let you play for more than a couple of hours, right? This is why a gamer’s phone must have a good battery life. XOLO Black, with its 3200 mAh battery is a perfect solution for your itchy fingers.


Why a budget phone makes perfect sense

Why do you spend money on expensive phones?

         – Because they have high-grade features

         – Because they work really fast!

         – Because they look incredible!

Now, what if we told you that you don’t need to pay tens of thousands of rupees extra to get all this, because budget phones have it all?

Almost every popular company is coming up with feature-packed phones that can give expensive phones a run for their money, literally, which is why the stigma related to a ‘cheap’ phone has dissolved lately. In addition, with designer phone covers and gorilla screens and metallic paint, who’s to say the budget phone you hold in your hands is anything but premium?

These phones are doing everything you expect from a top-grade phone, but economically so. Be it a quad/octa core processor, fingerprint sensor, dual rear camera, you’ll get it all. Case in point – the XOLO Era 2x which you can get for Rs 6,666 and Rs. 7,499.



There will be another phone with newer features in the market before you can get used to the one in your hand. Unlike super-expensive smartphones, which you would only dare to buy once in 3-5 years, budget phones can be upgraded with just a bit of smart saving on your part. So, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with the same ol’ device for the rest of your life!




Maybe move up to a XOLO Era 1X with dual 4G support, quad core processor and 8MP camera for just Rs 5, 149?

Expensive phones raise their price with one or two “patented designs” that rarely justify the price. On the other hand, budget phones strive to give you everything while keeping the price in control.




The belief that more money always gets you better quality is changing now, since phones such as the XOLO Era 2X, Era 2, Era 1X, etc. are giving you all the latest features in a budget. So, why pay more and regret it later?