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Your smartphone can make your life healthier! Here’s how!

If you didn’t know it already, your smartphone makes a great fitness-buddy. Don’t believe it? Here are 4 ways in which your smartphone can help you live healthy.


Be your own trainer


Image Source: Gizmodo

If gyms suffocate you and treadmills bore you to death, build your own exercise routine and track your performance right from the palm of your hand. Health apps like Google Fit, MapMyRun and RunKeeper Pro can track distance, route travelled, calories burned etc. through your phone’s GPS, whether you are running, walking or cycling. Some apps even let you share your workouts on social media. If that isn’t motivation, what is?


Easy meal planning


Image Source: Top Apps

Don’t just burn those calories, stop them from piling back on. How do you do this? Apps like Fooducate, Lose it! and MyPlate Calorie Tracker give you calorie and nutrition information for different foods, and help you make healthy (and delicious) choices, sans the extra pounds. And if you are one of those busy-bodies who need to be reminded to drink water, apps like Aqualert and Water Drink Reminder can help you.


Dance the weight away


Image Source: GrindTV

Remember the days when the only fun workout was “Zumba”? Neither do we! Get fun, alternate workouts straight from your smartphones. Apps like Dance Workout and Belly Dance Fitness are few of many options that help you stay fit through dancing. And if you need some music motivation, try RockMyRun or Fit Radio Workout Music for special tunes to support your exercise regime.


Bring the gym home


Image Source: Google Play

Don’t have the time for strenuous workouts? There are apps for that as well. The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout and 7 Minute Workout are apps designed for those short on time. These have exercises that can be done right from your home, so you have no reason to miss out on workouts anymore.