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Learn how to improve your phone’s GPS

Can’t find your way? Open Google maps. Hungry? Open a food ordering app. Going for an evening stroll? Open Pokemon Go- well, not anymore. Do you know what’s common in all these scenarios? Global Positioning System, playfully called GPS. Most apps today in your phone need GPS. But GPS, like most other things, doesn’t work equally good on every phone.

So, is there anything you can do to improve your phone’s GPS? Let’s see.


Switch to High Accuracy mode: Every smartphone has this option under GPS settings. Unfortunately, it also consumes more battery. But if you really need a more accurate location, and are ready to make this sacrifice, you can enable this mode by going to Settings >> Location >> Mode and switching High Accuracy on. Google Maps will be a lot less likely to randomly stall!



Recalibrate the compass: /span>Your phone often asks you to recalibrate the internal compass and if you’ve been ignoring it, that could lead to a wonky GPS. To check, go to Google Maps and if the blue dot’s beam is wide or pointing in the wrong direction, make a figure of 8 with your phone a couple of times till the beam if more focused.



Keep your GPS switched on: When you switch from GPS-mandatory applications to non-GPS based applications, your phone switches off the connection to save battery. However, keeping it on at all times with apps such as GPS Connected will keep it locked in even while you flip through apps.



Run a diagnostic: Though most companies offer special applications to test the services on a phone, these applications may fail to report the issue. You can use applications such as GPS Essentials which will give you precise information about the signal as well as hardware and software issues.