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XOLO #KuchKarteHain campaign wins hearts this Diwali

It’s often during the biggest and most important times of the year that people tend to overlook the small things in life. We focus so much on making big things happen that we fail to see and realize the importance of small joys.

This Diwali, at Xolo, we decided to do something different. We thought #KuchKarteHain.


We teamed up with My Angels Academy, a trust which works for the underprivileged children of the slums in New Delhi, where the kids are trained and coached in the sport of football. With a view of making this Diwali a better and brighter one for them, we had a fun interactive session with the kids, distributed gifts and in our small way, tried to make a small difference in their life. By providing some resources, we played a small part in bringing out the best of these kids’ talent and making their dreams come true.


What ensued was a day full of fun and football for the kids, who enjoyed their time in the sun and made some wonderful memories. Doing something nice for these kids meant that their Diwali was just as happy and unforgettable as so many others’.


The best part? These kids’ smiles were just as bright as the lanterns that illuminated the city that same night.


Check out XOLO’s #KuchKarteHain video and feel the warmth spread within you too.