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5 Weirdly timed selfies that you can take with your XOLO Era 1X smartphone

Selfies- we cannot resist taking them no matter where we are. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from clicking away, even when we probably should. Here are 5 weirdly timed selfies you can take with your XOLO Era 1X.

1. While at the gym


If the daredevil in you wants to take a selfie while on the treadmill or doing push ups, go for it. Unlike most people who cringe at the thought of sweaty, red faced pictures, you have a secret weapon- the Era 1X camera’s Beauty Mode. It automatically enhances pictures, making you look great all the time.


2. When you’re in trouble


Your car has stalled and you’re waiting by the roadside for a tow truck. What do you do to pass time? Take selfies of course! After all, your Era 1X front camera ensures you always get the perfect selfie- be it day or night (that’s what the front flash is for- low light photography!)


3. While being messy


Birthday cake being smashed on your face? Covered with dough after a pie-making session? What a great photo-op! but don’t just settle for a regular selfie. Try the Live Photo mode on the Xolo Era 1X, which will capture all the action, with accompanying sounds.


4. While you’re being yelled at



So, what if you’re being yelled at by your parents for coming home late but bae needs photographic proof that you’ve reached home safe and sound? Or what if bae is the one who’s had enough of you? Double tap on your Era 1X’s home button, and you’re directed straight to the camera. Click and send- because misery sure does like company.


5. While getting medical attention


Celebrities take hospital bed selfies all the time. So, why shouldn’t you? Although, you might have to sneak your smartphone into the operation theatre for this, which is highly unlikely. But there’s no harm in trying,right?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pout on! Your Instagram followers are waiting!

5 reasons you need Xolo Era 1X everyday in your life

Did you see the Supermoon the other night? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? Too bad we won’t witness that for another 18 years. Remember that one time when your outfit had everyone turning around or when that sporty friend of yours tried to do a backflip and failed miserably? Memories, sweet memories. We have so many of those and how we cherish them; knowing very well that that might never happen again.

This is where cameras make our lives better? From documenting those rare, once-in-a-lifetime-moments to taking “mandatory selfies”, they are right there. But taking just photos and videos with a camera is so 2010. XOLO takes cameras to a whole new level with the Era 1X. Here are 5 reasons why XOLO Era 1X camera is the best way to save your memories.


  • 1. Because a picture only speaks a thousand words: What is better than a photo? A photo that lives. The Live Photo feature offered by the Era 1X lets you bring your photos to life by taking a short video with audio, but still letting you view and use them just like any other photo. Selfie shenanigans with your besties just became way more fun, won’t you agree?


  • 2. Because who wants a bad picture: We have all experienced that moment when the camera is just not able to capture the true you. Be it the lack of good lighting or a bad skin day, the intelligent camera with inbuilt Beauty Mode in Era 1X will adjust the brightness, contrast etc. so you look the best you in every picture. Now go on, take as many of those early morning selfies as you want.

  • 3. Because there’s no time for long boring videos: The next time you want to show your friends the amazing sunset you witnessed at the beach, don’t bore them with a 15-minute-long video of the sun inching towards the horizon. The Time Lapse option allows you to make crisp rapid motion videos with speed adjustment so the slow pace of life doesn’t take away the fun.

Time Lapse - GIF

  • 4. Because you want to enjoy every second of it: Era 1X lets you make the most mundane things look cool with its Slow-Motion Video option. Not just that, you can also enjoy every detail of the video with the best possible resolution. So, the next time you hit your friend with a water balloon, don’t forget to say “Happy Holi” but after that, enjoy the perfect shot with every detail in slow motion.

Slow Motion


  • 5. Because anything less than HD is not acceptable: What’s the point of saving memories if they are not as clear as what you saw? I mean, that surprise birthday party is not the same if you can’t see the surprise on your mother’s face, is it? XOLO Era 1X allows you to take pictures and record videos in Full HD so every pixel comes to life and transports you to the time it actually happened. After all, isn’t that why we have cameras in the first place?

So, if one phone allows you to do all of that, why would you want anything else?