Never lose your phone’s content again

Are you reading this on the same phone you were using last year? Going by the rate at which we upgrade phones these days, probably not. But what happens to all the data when you start using a new phone? You can’t just delete all those text messages and photos, can you? Or input all those phone numbers again?

The logical thing would be to save them ‘somewhere safe’, but how does one even do that?

1. Look within: The best way to save all your preferences, app data, and settings including wi-fi passwords, would be through Google backup. You’ll find it in Settings > Backup & reset > Back up the data.



2. Safe selfie: Though Google backup can help you here too, the sheer number of photos and videos you have in your phone, makes it a tedious task to save them on Google and then download them again. Not to mention the limited cloud storage. So, transferring all the media through USB cable to your laptop works the best.



3. Call me maybe: You might be relying on importing your contacts to your sim card but what happens when you lose the phone itself? Gmail makes it easy for you. Sync your phone with your Gmail ID and turn the backup option on. You can see all your numbers in the contact tab of your Gmail account. Now simply add the Gmail account to any phone and your contacts will automatically be moved.


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4. Text talk: If it’s on Facebook Messenger or Hangout, simply logging in with the same account should do the trick but if you want to save your WhatsApp chats on WhatsApp, you’ll need a few more taps. You’ll have to save it on Google Drive by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.


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Now that you know how to move all your data through different phones, go on, look for a new one.


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