Need to finish work on the go? Your Android phone will let you do that

Have you ever stood in a corner of the metro, awkwardly holding your laptop because you need to finish an important presentation before you reach your office at any cost? I’m sure you have. But why wait to get to office when the office can come to your phone? Whether you just need to refer a document or edit one, your android phone will let you do all. Let us tell you how you can work on the go with your phone.

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Office on phone:
From just reading and writing emails to creating documents, presentations through apps such as
Microsoft Office Mobile, your phone can do it all. You can even execute complex Excel tasks through the mobile app. If there’s an important video conference you need to be a part of, you can do that too through your phone. Though make sure you find a quieter corner.


Access anywhere:
With cloud storage and its integration in various apps, you don’t have to worry about switching between devices. You can start a project on your computer and then continue it on your phone. Every change you make is stored on the cloud in real-time and can be accessed on all platforms. So, no worries of duplication.


Use USB:
But what if you are carrying some important files in a USB drive? You’ll need a laptop for that, right? Nope! Through OTG cable, you can access the files in your pendrive or external hard disk on your smartphone itself. You can also transfer your documents, presentations etc. from the phone to the USB, so when you reach office, all you have to do is plug and continue.


You might think that the computer has an advantage that the internet speed is not affected when you’re on call, right?  Well, if your phone supports VoLTE, you can do that on the go too. Whether you have to access files on cloud or need to Google something urgently while on a call, one would not hamper the other.


With newer and better mobile technology coming to market, handling almost any task that was traditionally performed on computer can be done on your phone now. As Android smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter, you can use it as a mini desktop with all the apps available.

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