How Your Smartphone Can Get You through This Demonetization Phase

Tired of running around looking for cash? Long ATM lines putting you off? We understand the feeling. Fortunately, you can say goodbye to most of these demonetisation problems with some help from your smartphone. Here’s how:

Mobile Wallets


Use mobile wallets like Oxigen, mRupee, FreeCharge and PayTM are currently the preferred payment methods. From buying movie tickets to groceries or even street food, you can do it all.


Mobile Banking


Have a smartphone? Start using mobile banking and eliminate the hassles of long queues and banking procedures. Whether you need to transfer money, pay your bills or just need customer support, you can do it all right from your smartphone.


Find an ATM with cash


Need to locate an ATM with money instantly? Try Walnut, a wonder app that can locate the nearest ATM with available cash, saving you the time and energy of making multiple trips to different ATMs. In addition to this amazing service, Walnut is also a mobile wallet.


Card-Less Cash


<Don’t have a card or cash? Don’t worry. Banks like ICICI have introduced card-less money transfers, where the person receiving funds does not need to have an ICICI account. They can withdraw money you deposit from any ICICI bank ATM using specifications sent to them via text messages. All of this, without a card!



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