How to shoot better rain pictures


As beautiful as monsoon is, it can often limit photographers. If you have tried taking pictures while shielding your phone from rain and spray, then you know what I’m talking about. And then you can’t even step outside and you are stuck with taking boring pictures through the window. But fret not, grab a raincoat because here are 5 amazing ways to take better photos in rain.




Watch for the raindrops on the windows: Forget your Instagram filters and take photos through the raindrops on a glass window. This makes any scene look pretty – cityscape, greenery or people. You can also alternate between focusing on the waterdrops and the subject behind the window.




Abstracts: When it is raining heavily, the images often get distorted. This can give a painting-like feel to your photos. You can also use wet and metallic surfaces to take these photos. Just keep an open mind and don’t try too hard to capture the real appearance of the subject but rather how it looks distorted.




Umbrellas are beautiful: The roads will be full of people walking around with umbrellas in monsoon. So, go out in the balcony or any other roofed area and take pictures of the colourful umbrellas. This, contrasted with darker surroundings, would create a very professional picture. Try higher altitudes for this shot.



Those puddles are amazing: Small puddles with water give perfect reflections. Use these reflections along with the moving vehicles, people, and buildings to create an interesting perspective. Do not stop yourself from going a little low for the best angle.

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