Digital Detox for your smartphone. Know How!


Battery dying out every few hours? Phone lagging? Can’t keep up with all your multitasking? Well, don’t chuck it out just yet. Like most electronics, even smartphones need to be optimized for maximum speed and efficiency. Here are some tips to help enhance your phone’s functionality.


Free bloatware space



Bloatware is the redundant or unused software in phones. Preinstalled apps cannot always be uninstalled, but you can disable them to free up phone space. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Apps’, and choose the application you no longer need, and select ‘Disable’. Once disabled, you can use ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Force Stop’ options too. You can re-enable any disabled apps later if needed later.


Clear cached files



Temporary files stored on your phone by apps can affect the device’s speed. Clear these cached files regularly to improve your phone’s performance. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Apps’, and select the app you want to clear cached files from. Tap on ‘Clear Cache’ to free up memory space, and you’re done.


Free RAM using apps


You can use Greenify to improve your phone’s RAM performance. It kills background apps that reduce the phone’s speed. However, use this app with discretion as it could affect the device or drain the battery. Kill only those apps that aren’t used more than twice daily. Each time you “clean” these apps, they reload the data, thus increasing your mobile data and battery consumption.


Transfer data to SD card


Your phone may have default settings that directs data to get stored in the phone’s memory. If you already have an SD card, transfer these files there. Less data in your phone’s memory means better speed. ES File Explorer can help you move, copy and manage all kinds of files efficiently.


Review your settings


Go through your phone’s storage and determine the data that takes up most space. Delete unnecessary items. Data that is needed, but not on your phone can be stored on a ‘Cloud’. G Cloud Backup is great for storing data like photos, videos, call logs, text messages and contacts. The phone’s memory can also be partially or entirely stored on your computer.


So, use these tips and improve your smartphone’s performance quickly and easily.

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