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Better pictures are a touch away with the XOLO Era 2X

Ever had to click multiple pictures just to get one great shot? We’ve all been there. But, no more of that. XOLO’s newest addition- the Era 2X has some cool features that make its camera one of the best, and offers a more enjoyable smartphone photography experience. Here’s what you can expect from it.


Flawless Colour

Don’t let excessive light ruin the quality of your pictures. The Blue Glass Filter on the XOLO Era 2X eliminates this problem by filtering the light, and capturing images exactly how you see them. So, all your photography is clear and pops with colour.

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Rich details

Bid adieu to poor gradation and overexposed images with iHDR technology. It records multiple still images with various exposures and combines them to give you a single, stunning image with even tones.



Professional quality images

Flat, blurry images will no longer take up memory space on your phone, thanks to the inclusion of the 5P Largan Lens. It offers better focus and minimal distortions, which means every click captures sharp, almost professional-like images.



Quick Launch Camera

No more fiddling with lock patterns and PIN codes to get to your camera. With Era 2’s Finger Print Sensor, you can access the camera in the blink of an eye, so you never miss a great photo opportunity.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and make every image a great one with the XOLO Era 2X.



How blazing fast Fingerprint Sensor of XOLO Era 2X will make your life more convenient

Ever watched ‘James Bond’, and had your mind completely blown by all that cool technology? Well, we’re now one step closer to experiencing the brilliance of that technology. Finger Print Sensors are a thing of the present, and it’s one of the main features of the XOLO Era 2X. Here’s what that means for you.

No more PINs and patterns

You can now feel like a spy agent every time you unlock your phone. Simply place your finger on the sensor, and voila! It’s quick, simple and you never have to worry about forgetting your passcode again.



Protect your data

Love your privacy, and don’t want anyone else accessing your photos and videos? That’s exactly what the Finger Print Sensor offers- total security. Your fingerprint is all you need to protect all your gallery content from unauthorised use, even if your phone isn’t locked.


Completely hassle free

With the finger print sensor located on the back of the phone, you can practically unlock your phone with your eyes closed. Not only is this quicker, but it is also more convenient, considering you can unlock your phone as you pick it up.


Limited Access

Want to share your phone access with just a handful of people who are closest to you? You can do that as well. The XOLO Era 2X allows you to register up to 5 identities that can unlock and access your device.


Quick Launch Camera

Need instant camera access to snap a picture quickly? You can use the finger print sensor to launch the camera. And that means no more fiddling with locks or searching through your applications for the camera.



With all these advantages at your fingertips, there’s no denying that this is the ultimate smartphone.

Want to boost your social life? The XOLO Era 1X shows you how

Humans are social beings; we live for interaction. That’s why smartphones are such a boon to us, because they allow us to live a more active life. And the XOLO Era 1X is perfect when it comes to boosting your social life. Here’s how.


Discover like-minded people

Bored of your mundane city life? Then go out and do something that you enjoy. It doesn’t even matter if your friends don’t tag along. With apps like Facebook Groups, you can join groups that interest you and make new friends that share your passions.


Whether you’re a book lover, photography enthusiast or a musician looking for someone to jam with, your smartphone can help you.


Try new activities

No plans for the weekend? Don’t spend it doing nothing at home. Go out and try something you probably never have before. With your 4G enabled XOLO smartphone you can quickly log into sites like Thrillophillia, goMowgli or BlueBulb, look for fun activities to do and book them on the spot.


From heritage walks to overnight treks, watersports to hot air balloon rides, there are tons of fun things to do and new people to meet.


Make international friends

Taking an international trip? Don’t do the same old boring hotel stays. Check out apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing, where you can stay with locals. Apart from helping you save money, this option introduces you to new people in new places. The best part? Your homestay hosts can provide you with all the necessary information for local travel and dining to make your trips smoother.



Get local recommendations

Love food? Forget those 5-star rated restaurants. Websites like Bonappetour can help you find great ‘home restaurants’ in other cities, while meeting people who share your love for gastronomy. Or try apps like Nearify where you can find awesome, new things to do whether you’re in Kolkata, Chicago, London or Singapore.


So, what are you waiting for? Make friends, socialise and don’t let anything stop you from living life to the fullest.

What makes Xolo Era 2 smart camera so smart?

Have you ever taken a picture, hoping to capture the moment as it happens; instead all you got was a blurry image? Or maybe you tried to record a short video, but perhaps missed the moment even before the camera started rolling. If you have faced any of these issues, you should know that you aren’t alone. Many people, especially smartphone users, have always wanted a little more from their phone camera in terms of quality and functionality. It just so happens that XOLO has been listening, and as a result, the Era 2 is designed with a Smart Camera that lets you do a whole lot more than ever before. What’s a smart camera, you ask? Well, in simple terms, it’s a camera that has several smart features that take smartphone photography to a whole new level.

  • Quality images in low light: Almost every smartphone user has been victim to fuzzy, pixilated images, especially when it comes to snapping pictures in darker environments. With the Era 2’s smart camera, you no longer have to worry about grainy, red eye images that give you a ghostly appearance. Why? Because the camera has Big Pixel Technology and a 4P Largan Lens, which together, give you clear and sharp images, even when taken in low light settings. Now all those precious moments from your barbeque nights and moonlight drives can be captured just as they happened.






  • Time Lapse Photography: Okay, so not everyone has the time and patience to sit through long videos of you driving down a winding beach road (despite the scenic view). But they might sit through it because they love you. Luckily, with Time Lapse Photography, you don’t have to put them through the trouble. This feature speeds up the playback on your video, making it seem like time is moving faster. So, now you can show off your cooking or craft-making skills without worrying about trying anyone’s patience.







  • Quick! Get the camera: Let’s be honest; we’ve all missed out on great photo opportunities because we couldn’t get to the camera quick enough. That’s another thing that Era 2’s Smart Camera hopes to eliminate. A simple double tap on the home button takes you straight to the camera, even while using any other application. Less time to get to the camera means you’re definitely going to capture those candid moments.


  • Live Photos: No, these aren’t micro videos, though they might appear to be. Live Photos are simply animated pictures that include sound. They capture 1.5 seconds before and after hitting the camera button, allowing you to get a capture a complete reaction. So, the next time your kid squeals with joy over a new gift, yes, you’ll get that full reaction on camera.Don’t think that’s good enough? Well, there’s more to the Era 2’s Smart Camera than that. Slow Motion, Panorama, Active Shot and Beauty Mode (which practically edits your picture to make it perfect) are some of the other features this smartphone camera offers.