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How to protect your smartphone from malwares?

All of a sudden, everybody is talking about malwares and ransomwares like ‘WannaCry’. But it’s not new, not even for smartphones. Did you know one in ten apps is infected with Android malware? Scary, right? Now, think about how many apps do you have in your phone? Could your phone be infected by malwares? To find that out, we need to understand what they are first.

What’s a malware?

Malware is malicious software that intends to disrupt damage and even gain illegal access to a mobile or a computer. In most cases malwares are attached to software or an app you install on your device.


What can they do?

Most malwares are designed to illegally steal your personal details. This information can either be held against some sort of ransom or sold to advertisement companies to target you. Another very common type of malware sends out texts to premium-rate numbers from your phone. These numbers charge extra for calls and messages.


Why phones need better protection

Recent studies show that while more than 50% computers have anti-virus installed, only 5% of phones have the same protection. On the other hand, your phone has more personal information than your PC since there’s an app for everything. So, it only makes sense that your phone should be protected just as well, right?


How to avoid malwares

There are a few simple things that you can do to avoid malwares:

1> Always keep your phone updated because android keeps sending out fixes for bugs and loopholes that can be exploited
2> Your phone should also have an anti-virus from a reputed company
3> Install apps only from trusted app stores
4> If side-loading an app, make sure it’s from a trusted developer
5> Keep an eye out for apps asking for unnecessary permissions
6> Don’t click on any suspicious pop-up ads, or reply to unsolicited emails or texts



What to do if infected?


If your phone starts draining out of battery faster than ever, heats up without any operation, or your call and data bills are larger than it should be, then that is a sign of a malware. If you are sure your phone is infected, then you should start with uninstalling any suspicious apps (most recent ones first). You can additionally scan your phone for malware with a good anti-virus app. If nothing works, you can always back-up your data and factory reset the phone.

5 Alternate ways to use the finger print sensor on your phone

Data security is the biggest talking point for technology right now. From mega servers to your phones, every storage device is being introduced with the latest security features. Fingerprint sensor is one such line of security for smartphones and it’s catching on quickly. While it makes unlocking your phone much safer and quicker, it’s doing much more than that.

Let’s take a look at 5 alternate ways you can use the sensor:

1. Lock Apps: It’s not much different from locking-unlocking your phone with a tap, but having a fingerprint lock for any app on your phone makes it more secure. Be it your messaging app, photo gallery or something else, a third-party app can put fingerprint authentication between your privacy and the prying eyes.



2. Make payments: If you use e-wallets/payment apps such as Android pay, then fingerprint sensors can make the process much easier. Instead of having to put a pin every time, you can initiate payment with just a tap. Now you don’t have to worry about others finding out your pin.



3. Click pictures: What’s worse than trying to take a selfie and finding the capture button at an awkward angle? Well, an app like Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera is what you need. It enables you to use the sensor as the capture button to take photos effortlessly.



4. Phone Banking: We all have banking apps in our phones but putting in the pin or a complicated password at each step is not something anyone particularly enjoys. This has been made easy with fingerprint scanners since most popular banking apps are integrating it to authenticate the user.



5. Accessibility: Imagine if you could open the notification panel, put your phone on sleep or launch an app right from the fingerprint sensor. With Fingerprint Quick Action you can do all of that and more. This app allows you to assign an action to your gesture on the sensor, like swipe, tap, double tap etc.



When there is so much you can do with a simple touch why stop at just unlocking your phone?

Simple tricks to protect your phone this Holi

Holi is a crazy time. People don’t hold back with colour and water balloons and various other substances that leave you with coloured finger nails, hair and skin- because #BuraNaMaanoHoliHai. But how do you expect your phone to survive the craziness?!

Here are some tips to keep your phone safe while you enjoy the best holi ever.


1. Zip lock it: Put your phone inside, zip it, and put it in your pocket. Now you can go take a dip in any ol’ pool and your phone should be fine. You can even pick calls, albeit at the cost of looking a little ridiculous.



2. Cling film: This easily available kitchen tool has many utilities and it can be of great help to protect your phone on holi. Just wrap a few layers around your phone, secure it in place with some cello tape and you are good to go outside. Put a few more layers and it will give your phone enough protection to handle the over enthusiastic crowd too.



3. Cover the openings: If you didn’t have time to prepare in advance, you can still do a makeshift waterproofing of your phone with some scotch tape. In most cases water enters your phone through the openings at bottom – earphone, usb, speaker grills. Putting some tape on that can protect it from water splashes.



But what if you still manage to get some water in your phone? We’ll take care of that too.


1. Don’t blow dry: Taking a blow dryer to your doused phone might seem like a logical thing but don’t do it. Along with drying the water, the hot air could also burn the sensitive components inside the phone.



2. The old rice bowl trick: Remove the battery, pat dry the phone with tissue and put it in a bowl of dry rice overnight. Don’t forget to change the phone’s position every now and then. The rice absorbs all the moisture and your phone should be good to go.


So, pick whichever option works best for you but don’t forget to protect your phone this holi.


5 Things to consider before buying a new phone

Smartphones are an extension of ourselves today; the one you pick says a lot about who you are. An amateur photographer whose phone effortlessly replaces point and shoot, or a C-suite guy who needs a smartphone with amped up battery to get through a day of back-to-back meetings?


Regardless of your personality type, here are the key features to look for when buying a smartphone:

1. RAM – The reason why phones get slow


Phone so slow you want to bang it against the wall? We’ve all been there! While not a primary consideration for most, picking a smartphone with more RAM is essential for the constantly-switching-between-apps generation.


2. Camera – Make your Instagram pictures double-tap-worthy


Your smartphone camera can help frame a memory for life. Judging a good quality camera goes beyond just mega pixels. Check the camera spec sheet, does it come with Optical Image Stabilization, what’s the ISO, etc.


3. Screen Size – It does matter


Voracious readers need phones with a bigger screen size to consume sizeable content in one frame. But, if phone compactness is a priority then go for one with a smaller screen.


4. Resolution – For vivid, sharp display


Since the display is the first thing you see, it’s understandable why phone companies put so much emphasis on it. A high-res phone promises clearer and sharper display while the display technology – LED or AMOLED – influences viewing angles and color accuracy.


5. Battery Life – How long can it last?


Doesn’t running out of juice take you back to the Stone Age? Even with power banks handy, you need a smartphone that can at least go through half a day of active usage without breaking your heart. Also, look for battery saving features that can make all the difference in a crisis.

It’s okay to buy ‘the next big thing’ in the smartphone world as long as it matches up to the demands of today’s lifestyle. Be sure that the phone you pick checks the above criteria.




5 Weirdly timed selfies that you can take with your XOLO Era 1X smartphone

Selfies- we cannot resist taking them no matter where we are. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from clicking away, even when we probably should. Here are 5 weirdly timed selfies you can take with your XOLO Era 1X.

1. While at the gym


If the daredevil in you wants to take a selfie while on the treadmill or doing push ups, go for it. Unlike most people who cringe at the thought of sweaty, red faced pictures, you have a secret weapon- the Era 1X camera’s Beauty Mode. It automatically enhances pictures, making you look great all the time.


2. When you’re in trouble


Your car has stalled and you’re waiting by the roadside for a tow truck. What do you do to pass time? Take selfies of course! After all, your Era 1X front camera ensures you always get the perfect selfie- be it day or night (that’s what the front flash is for- low light photography!)


3. While being messy


Birthday cake being smashed on your face? Covered with dough after a pie-making session? What a great photo-op! but don’t just settle for a regular selfie. Try the Live Photo mode on the Xolo Era 1X, which will capture all the action, with accompanying sounds.


4. While you’re being yelled at



So, what if you’re being yelled at by your parents for coming home late but bae needs photographic proof that you’ve reached home safe and sound? Or what if bae is the one who’s had enough of you? Double tap on your Era 1X’s home button, and you’re directed straight to the camera. Click and send- because misery sure does like company.


5. While getting medical attention


Celebrities take hospital bed selfies all the time. So, why shouldn’t you? Although, you might have to sneak your smartphone into the operation theatre for this, which is highly unlikely. But there’s no harm in trying,right?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pout on! Your Instagram followers are waiting!

Why a budget phone makes perfect sense

Why do you spend money on expensive phones?

         – Because they have high-grade features

         – Because they work really fast!

         – Because they look incredible!

Now, what if we told you that you don’t need to pay tens of thousands of rupees extra to get all this, because budget phones have it all?

Almost every popular company is coming up with feature-packed phones that can give expensive phones a run for their money, literally, which is why the stigma related to a ‘cheap’ phone has dissolved lately. In addition, with designer phone covers and gorilla screens and metallic paint, who’s to say the budget phone you hold in your hands is anything but premium?

These phones are doing everything you expect from a top-grade phone, but economically so. Be it a quad/octa core processor, fingerprint sensor, dual rear camera, you’ll get it all. Case in point – the XOLO Era 2x which you can get for Rs 6,666 and Rs. 7,499.



There will be another phone with newer features in the market before you can get used to the one in your hand. Unlike super-expensive smartphones, which you would only dare to buy once in 3-5 years, budget phones can be upgraded with just a bit of smart saving on your part. So, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with the same ol’ device for the rest of your life!




Maybe move up to a XOLO Era 1X with dual 4G support, quad core processor and 8MP camera for just Rs 5, 149?

Expensive phones raise their price with one or two “patented designs” that rarely justify the price. On the other hand, budget phones strive to give you everything while keeping the price in control.




The belief that more money always gets you better quality is changing now, since phones such as the XOLO Era 2X, Era 2, Era 1X, etc. are giving you all the latest features in a budget. So, why pay more and regret it later?

5 Gifts You Can Give This Valentine’s Day

There are two reasons people don’t like Valentine’s Day. First, because they don’t have anyone to celebrate it with and second, because they do, but can’t decide what to buy as a gift! Well, we may not be able to help the first group, but if you can’t find that perfect present, this might just help you out.

Power-bank: Imagine if the two of you could talk and text endlessly without having to worry about the dreaded ‘battery low’ alert. After all, what better gift could there be than 24×7 connectivity?



Earphones: Good music can make the most boring situations amazing, can’t it? Why not gift your partner a pair of new earphones, so every time they are listening to music, they’ll think of you? Plus, sharing earphones always makes for a pretty picture.


New Phone: Been together for quite some time? Want to gift something a little more expensive this Valentine’s? Well, we have something for you too. Surprise your partner with one of our feature-packed XOLO smartphones that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.



Phone case: If you can’t afford a new phone just yet, why not give their old phone a new look? Maybe you two could even sport matching designs!



Fitness trackers: A couple that works out together stays together. This adage hasn’t quite caught on yet but we’re sure it will soon! So, this Valentine’s Day maybe your heart won’t be the only thing racing!


Take it from us- turn up for the date with a cool yet practical gift and you’re sure to have a blast!

Better pictures are a touch away with the XOLO Era 2X

Ever had to click multiple pictures just to get one great shot? We’ve all been there. But, no more of that. XOLO’s newest addition- the Era 2X has some cool features that make its camera one of the best, and offers a more enjoyable smartphone photography experience. Here’s what you can expect from it.


Flawless Colour

Don’t let excessive light ruin the quality of your pictures. The Blue Glass Filter on the XOLO Era 2X eliminates this problem by filtering the light, and capturing images exactly how you see them. So, all your photography is clear and pops with colour.

2 era 2x..


Rich details

Bid adieu to poor gradation and overexposed images with iHDR technology. It records multiple still images with various exposures and combines them to give you a single, stunning image with even tones.



Professional quality images

Flat, blurry images will no longer take up memory space on your phone, thanks to the inclusion of the 5P Largan Lens. It offers better focus and minimal distortions, which means every click captures sharp, almost professional-like images.



Quick Launch Camera

No more fiddling with lock patterns and PIN codes to get to your camera. With Era 2’s Finger Print Sensor, you can access the camera in the blink of an eye, so you never miss a great photo opportunity.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and make every image a great one with the XOLO Era 2X.



Take smartphone photography to the next level with these cool accessories

Want phone pictures that are just as great as those from your DSLR? Well, that’s possible now! Thanks to various smartphone accessories. Read on as we list some of the best ones.


External Flash

A handier version of the off-camera flash used for DSLRs, this attachment provides soft and illuminating light source for your phone. With this in tow, you’ll never again have to compromise with the harsh lighting of your phone’s flash. When buying, look for ones with both warm and white LEDs which will help you control the angle and intensity of the light to bring more depth to your photos and night-time videos.




Smartphone Tripod Mounts

Smartphone tripods are compact, lightweight and perfect for adventure photography. They come in different shapes and types, and some designs even have adjustable legs that can stretch and bend. This makes it easy to place them on uneven surfaces. When done, fold and store it in your backpack and continue your travels. 


Auxiliary Lenses

Want exceptional image quality, but don’t want to lug around a DSLR camera? Auxiliary lenses for smartphones are the answer. They are compact and can be clipped on to your smartphone’s camera. These lenses offer brilliant macro, fisheye and wide angle shots like any professional camera. Which means you can capture approximately 180 degree field of view with fisheye and double of that with wide angle lens right from your smartphone.




Remote Triggers

Your smartphone can not only replace your DSLR, it can even make your DSLR experience better! How? Just download one of the remote trigger apps on your smartphone and connect it to your camera. This lets you take the kind of pictures you want, from a distance. Some apps also let you choose sound and motion triggers. You can choose when and what your camera clicks, whether it is multiple pictures for combining into HDR or time-lapse photography.




Selfie Sticks

You know they get a bad name for no reason. Avid self-portrait enthusiasts will find that makes an excellent smartphone accessory as it combines style with functionality. It has a detachable Bluetooth remote, a foldable tripod and a sturdy mount to keep your smartphone safe and make the mounting of the phone a single handed, double tap experience.



So, get clicking with these smartphone essentials and set your inner shutterbug free!



How blazing fast Fingerprint Sensor of XOLO Era 2X will make your life more convenient

Ever watched ‘James Bond’, and had your mind completely blown by all that cool technology? Well, we’re now one step closer to experiencing the brilliance of that technology. Finger Print Sensors are a thing of the present, and it’s one of the main features of the XOLO Era 2X. Here’s what that means for you.

No more PINs and patterns

You can now feel like a spy agent every time you unlock your phone. Simply place your finger on the sensor, and voila! It’s quick, simple and you never have to worry about forgetting your passcode again.



Protect your data

Love your privacy, and don’t want anyone else accessing your photos and videos? That’s exactly what the Finger Print Sensor offers- total security. Your fingerprint is all you need to protect all your gallery content from unauthorised use, even if your phone isn’t locked.


Completely hassle free

With the finger print sensor located on the back of the phone, you can practically unlock your phone with your eyes closed. Not only is this quicker, but it is also more convenient, considering you can unlock your phone as you pick it up.


Limited Access

Want to share your phone access with just a handful of people who are closest to you? You can do that as well. The XOLO Era 2X allows you to register up to 5 identities that can unlock and access your device.


Quick Launch Camera

Need instant camera access to snap a picture quickly? You can use the finger print sensor to launch the camera. And that means no more fiddling with locks or searching through your applications for the camera.



With all these advantages at your fingertips, there’s no denying that this is the ultimate smartphone.