5 Ways in which your smartphone can make vacations hassle free

Did you know that your smartphone and travel are a match made in heaven? We tell you 5 ways in which your smartphone can make vacations amazing and hassle free.


1. Travel light – Don’t let the waist pouch full of travel docs cramp your style. With all your important documents saved in cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive, all you need to carry is your passport. Even payments can be made with apps such as Google wallet. ‚Äč



2. Plan on the palm – Tickets – check. Aisle seats – Check. Hotel bookings, travel plan for the trip, sights to see, clubs to go – all done while still sitting on your couch with smartphone in hand. An app like Cleartrip can help you with deals, travel packages, bookings etc. while TripIt will consolidate all your travel plans into a simple itinerary.



3. Multilingual you – Estas perdido? Apps such as Google Translate, Voice Translate Pro or SayHi Translate can not only translate text input but also spoken or written words and phrases from over a hundred languages. So, go on, soak in the local culture and find your way back by having your phone read sign posts for you.



4. No more wrong turns – Who even carries maps and guide books anymore? With your GPS enabled phone, all your need is Google Maps and finding your way in another country will be as easy as doing it in Chandni Chowk. HERE WeGo, with its offline map, is a great option for detailed navigation without internet.



5. Cheaper service – What’s the point of taking a million photos if roaming charges don’t let you upload them instantly? A smartphone with dual sim option is what you need. Pop in a sim from a local service provider in one slot and enjoy internet without any extra charges. And it’s not just for that; working internet is what you need to use all the other amazing things we've mentioned!


With everything taken care of by your phone, you can enjoy your holidays the way you were meant to. So, go on now, make some plans!

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