5 Things you should know about 4G enabled phones

Remember when phones got internet? WAP was the best thing ever, right? And then 2G came along with much better internet connectivity and speed, but only to be side-lined by the almighty 3G. It was what all the cool kids were talking about. But as generations go (which G stands for, by the way), 3G is already old news and 4G has become the newest selling point for mobiles as well as service providers. So, let’s understand 4G a little better.


1. How is it different from 3G and others?

4G is the fourth version of mobile data technology since 1980s. But there are various standards between 3G and 4G too, such as HSPA and HSPA+. Max download speed specified for 3G is 384kbps, for H+ 14.4 mbps to 84.8 mbps whereas for 4G LTE its 100mbps. 4G LTE-A can give as fast as 1gbps as specified by ITU-R.



2. Does it affect voice calling?

Unfortunately, 4G itself can’t improve your voice calling services since all calls in India are still made over older networks. Having said that, if and when service providers switch to voLTE, we’ll have much better telephoning experience and much fewer call drops.


3. What if you slip out of 4G coverage?

If this a question that worries you, it shouldn’t. 4G phones are designed to automatically switch to the available 3G network if it couldn’t find 4G. You won’t lose data access since 3G is practically everywhere.



4. What are the different data symbols in your phone?

If you have ever paid attention to the status bar of your phone while it’s accessing data you’d have noticed tiny letters like E, 3G, H, H+, LTE there. Ever wondered what they are? These letters stand for Edge, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+ (different releases), and 4G LTE respectively.


5. How to tell if your phone has 4G option?

I hope you made sure before buying your phone but if you didn’t, checking if it supports 4G is a matter of a seconds. Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode. There you’ll find the option to switch between different modes like 2G, 3G and 4G. If you see 4G there then your phone supports it.


Well there you go, the next the time you hear the term 4G, you are ready to show off some knowledge in front of your friends.


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