4 personal finance apps you need to have on your phone

The toughest part about running a household is managing the finances. And the doors are always open for new and extraordinary ways to supervise your expenditure. Mobile applications are now coming forward with solutions to these. Organizing finances is becoming as easy as buying or selling online using a smartphone. Here are 5 personal finance apps that would assist you in your daily dealings.

1) My Tax India: The tax calculator

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if you could calculate the amount of tax you need to pay without having to go to a financial consultant? You couldnat ask for more with the My Tax India app. The app is free for Android and iOS users. It comes handy even if you are a novice to personal finance or using mobile based applications. The app does not file the tax for you. However, it does help you understand the amount of tax you need to pay along with possible investment options that save tax. Thatas killing two birds with one stone.

2) Qykly: The expense manager

If you want a free personal manager, look no further. Qykly enables you to set a monthly budget, reminds you to pay utility bills, credit card, mobile bills, EMIs and more. You could keep a watch on all your spending. For example, you could auto track expenses through credit or debit cards, monitor your money from different online wallets like paytm, payu etc. Qykly reads information from your SMS inbox to help you track your train and fight booking status and notifies you before a journey. It is an android app that tracks all your expenses, bank transactions and provides travel booking solutions. Could you ask for more?

3) Walnut: The money manager

Walnut is an all-bank money manager. It analyses your SMS inbox to track expenditure, bills, and tickets. It also goes a step further by enabling you to find an active ATM with cash near you. It works on both android and iOS platforms. The android app enables you to categorize your expenses, pay Visa credit card bills and split/settle bills with friends. You might also be able to transfer money between friends without the need for sharing account numbers, IFSC codes or wallets. The iOS version would allow you to only transfer money to friends, and split and settle spends over chat. That isnat such a bad deal when you have other iOS-specific apps.

4) iExpense Dairy: The budgeting app

You might try extremely hard month-on-month to stick to a budget. However, it might not really work. This is where you could benefit from the iExpense Dairy. It is an app available for both android and iPhone users and it is free. It works by letting you enter your income and expenses. The expenses come with categories and sub-categories. For example, Food could be further categorized into grocery or restaurants. You are able to view detailed reports on your expenditure and reoccurring expenses. This way you know where your budget is getting out of hand.

There is never a quiet moment in the extremely competitive world of apps. Personal Finance is one of the major concerns for everyone. It is only fair that there are apps that could assist you in it and make managing finance and life easier for you.

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