How to post 360-degree photos on Facebook

We’ve been seeing 360-degree photos and videos all around us lately. The format allows you to share breath-taking views of your surroundings and the new places you travel to. So how does one upload a 360-degree photo on Facebook? Read on

pic 1

What do you need: You can easily take a 360 degree photo from your android phone through a myriad of apps offered by the Google Playstore. One of the easiest to use is the Google Street View  


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Taking the picture: Pick a spot in the centre of the area you want to capture. Open the app and guide the camera interface over the orange dots on the screen until the entire area is covered. Once done, confirm by hitting the stop button at the bottom.


pic 3





pic 4


Editing: If you want to change the starting point of the photo, you can edit that on a computer while uploading it. Click on the wireframe icon and then select the paintbrush. Now drag the photo to bring it to the section you want it to start from and save it.

You may need to do it a few times before you have that perfect 360-degree photo, but keep trying, and you’ll get it. So, go ahead try it with your phone.