How to keep kids entertained this summer

Summers are here and kids are going to be home for vacations. Given the hot weather outside, you try to stay indoors as much as possible. But it can be quite a task for you to keep the kids involved. And not just that, you also want them to learn and spend their time productively. So, here are some fun activities that will keep you kids entertained and engaged this summer.




Read books: There are so many amazing stories and books for kids that they’ll definitely love and enjoy. You can read it to them if they are too  young or you can encourage them to read it and act it out. What else? You can download e-books for free or at a fraction of the price on your phone.




Indoor treasure hunt: Gather up toys and treats and hide them around the house. You can also add some clues for the older kids. Once everything is in place, ask them to find as many hidden treasures as possible. You can play appropriate music to make it more interesting.




Learn a new language: Learning a new language is not only fun but also very beneficial for a child’s mental development. Being multi-lingual would also help them later in life. So, why not join a language course with them or start learning at home with hundreds of apps available on Play Store.




Photography: Taking photos is the best way to capture memories. You can encourage your kids to take photos throughout the summer break. By the end of it you can help them make a scrapbook out of the photos. A smartphone with good camera could be a good way to start.




Home theatre: You can arrange movie screenings at home for the kids and even invite their friends. Prepare popcorn and other snacks, and your home theatre is ready. Nothing beats movies and snacks on a hot summer day.  

So, why spend boring summer days complaining about the heat outside when there is so much to do indoors??