5 Alternate ways to use the finger print sensor on your phone

Data security is the biggest talking point for technology right now. From mega servers to your phones, every storage device is being introduced with the latest security features. Fingerprint sensor is one such line of security for smartphones and it’s catching on quickly. While it makes unlocking your phone much safer and quicker, it’s doing much more than that.

Let’s take a look at 5 alternate ways you can use the sensor:

1. Lock Apps: It’s not much different from locking-unlocking your phone with a tap, but having a fingerprint lock for any app on your phone makes it more secure. Be it your messaging app, photo gallery or something else, a third-party app can put fingerprint authentication between your privacy and the prying eyes.



2. Make payments: If you use e-wallets/payment apps such as Android pay, then fingerprint sensors can make the process much easier. Instead of having to put a pin every time, you can initiate payment with just a tap. Now you don’t have to worry about others finding out your pin.



3. Click pictures: What’s worse than trying to take a selfie and finding the capture button at an awkward angle? Well, an app like Dactyl – Fingerprint Camera is what you need. It enables you to use the sensor as the capture button to take photos effortlessly.



4. Phone Banking: We all have banking apps in our phones but putting in the pin or a complicated password at each step is not something anyone particularly enjoys. This has been made easy with fingerprint scanners since most popular banking apps are integrating it to authenticate the user.



5. Accessibility: Imagine if you could open the notification panel, put your phone on sleep or launch an app right from the fingerprint sensor. With Fingerprint Quick Action you can do all of that and more. This app allows you to assign an action to your gesture on the sensor, like swipe, tap, double tap etc.



When there is so much you can do with a simple touch why stop at just unlocking your phone?

Want to hide personal data on your phone? Here’s how

Did your heart stop the last time you had to give your phone to someone? Fearing which folder they’ll open? It’s quite understandable since all your personal data, emails, photographs, and other sensitive information, is saved on it. Your data is not just vulnerable when handing over the phone to someone but also to hacking and theft.

Here are some tips to keep personal data hidden and secure on your phone.

Swiper, no Swiping: Don’t you hate it when you give someone your phone to show them a picture, and they start swiping sideways to see others? Well, apps such as Focus can prevent this as it requests a PIN before showing the next photo.



Fingerprint scanner: The latest smartphones such as Xolo Era 2X have fingerprint sensors which you can use not only to limit access to your phone, but also to add extra protection to apps related to banking and chat.



.nomedia file: Hide content from your gallery by simply adding a blank file in the specific folder. A good File Manager software such as ES Explorer is necessary for this. Simply create a file with the name .nomedia and place it in the folder. It acts as an indication for the other apps to skip the folder.



App options: You can also choose from the many apps on Play Store to secure your phone data. Applocker, for instance, locks folders and apps, and only allows access through a password.



Antivirus: Hackers can get access to your phone’s content through malwares that come along with some of your favourite apps (and of course the ones you don’t like). Install a good antivirus on your smartphone to prevent information leaks.


Use any of these tips to better secure your phone, and you will be less stressed about who’s holding it.