5 Things you must know about NFC 

NFC or the Near-Field Communication is a protocol that establishes a connection between two electronic devices when they are kept within a radius of around 4 cm. It uses less power, doesn’t need pairing, and can be used to share data files, social networking, making payments, etc.

Being the hot topic among the techies, here are 5 things you must know:

1. Inexpensive and Wireless: Using NFC does not require an internet connection. It is a real cost saving option to many business houses. NFC technology can be wirelessly, and hence conveniently, used to exchange apps and documents with your college mates and colleagues.



2. Easy Data sharing: NFC is the easiest process of data sharing because unlike Bluetooth it does not need pairing. All you have to do is to just bring the two devices together and you can start sharing. It lets you share contacts, photos, data, videos, important documents, etc. 



3. Mobile Payments through NFC: The full potential of NFC is still unexplored. But as on date, the best and the most common use of the NFC is in mobile payments. Making payments through NFC are highly safe and secure.



4.Other smart uses: Now that NFC payments have become quite commonplace, some companies are working on designing a NFC equipped car where you can unlock the car with your phone. Also you can simply tap your phone and your NFC-equipped speaker will start playing your playlist.



5. NFC tags:These are small tags can store wide range of information such as your personal information, a weblink or even some info about the object it’s attached to. These passive devices (don’t need power supply) can be used at museums to give information, in business cards, or even to start your PC.



NFC is the next big thing in the cashless economy and if that’s how we are going to transact. Make sure you are ahead of the race with NFC enabled phones such as XOLO X900 and XOLO Q1000B!

Learn How to Get That Perfect Shot in Low Light

Imagine you’re out for a romantic late night dinner. Or, more likely, you’re out for a post-midnight drive around town with friends. The moon is gorgeous, falling just right on all your faces. The mood is alive. The scene is set… the urge to take a picture is growing stronger. And then, you give in. The camera clicks but the result is an utter disappointment.

If your photo is full of images like this, it’s time that you took a crash course in low light photography.

1. Stabilise your shot- The camera shutter needs to stay open for longer to get enough light, so a moving camera can ruin your picture. Try to keep your camera steady when you’re taking a picture in low light. Take support or use a tripod if you can.



2.Adjust your settings – White balance and focusing becomes even more important when the surrounding is dark. So, make sure you click on the subject you want focus on before taking the picture. You can also manually change the ISO and shutter speed. And don’t worry if you’re new to it, just play around with the settings and see what works best.



3. Do NOT zoom – If you feel you’re too far away, get a little closer to the subject, but try to avoid using the digital zoom option in your phone. In most cases, this is almost the same as cropping it afterwards. Advanced smartphones with optical zoom can help you get a high-quality photograph that’ll fool anyone into thinking you were right there!



4. Use the environment- As much as light is important for a good photo, you don’t want too much of it, and you don’t want it from the wrong angle. Try using natural lights such as car headlights or streetlights, rather than depending on your flash, which could be too harsh and too direct.



5. Edit wisely- Desperate times call for desperate measures! When the light is bad, don’t shy away from using filters and editing your photograph. A tweak of brightness and contrast levels can make a huge difference. Several android phones also give you a raw image that has much more scope for processing but if your phone isn’t one of them, you can still reduce noisy shadows with handy editing apps.


The next time you have a great late night, make sure you have the photos to prove it!

Features your smartphone must have if you are a gamer

What do you do when you are waiting for the friends who are just 5 minutes away for the last hour? Or when you are getting shoved around in the metro or the local while going to college? If you are anything like me, you’ll whip out your phone and start playing a game. From single hand tap games to complex multi touch fps, mobile phones have it all now. But do you have the phone to play it all?


Here are 5 specs an ideal gaming phone must have:

1. OS: No, we are not talking about the Android vs others war. Here it’s more about which version of the OS you are using. Newer, the better so go for lollipop or a later one for optimum performance. Moreover, updated OS also helps with better and bug-free experience.



2. Processor: If your phone has a brain, it’s the processor (CPU, GPU and chipset mainly). It, as the name suggests, processes the instructions and executes the commands. So, faster the processor, smoother the performance though anything around 1.5GHz would work wonders.



3. Memory: Here we’ll call RAM and internal storage collectively as memory. This is where you’ll store your game files and as well as the frequently used instructions. Lack of enough RAM would make your game lag and you irritated. You’ll need at least 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage for HD games.



4. Display: Where the whole game is played on and through the screen, it has to be good. You’ll need really good resolution for HD action games especially. 1080 X 1920 pixels with about 401 ppi on at least 5 inch screen is ideal for a gaming phone. This is what you’ll get in the most expensive phones today. Untitled-2

5. Battery: What’s the point of having everything if your phone doesn’t let you play for more than a couple of hours, right? This is why a gamer’s phone must have a good battery life. XOLO Black, with its 3200 mAh battery is a perfect solution for your itchy fingers.


Beware of Scammers! 5 Quick Tips to Spot a WhatsApp Scam Message

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been flooded with several scammed messages lately, be it about demonetization, free recharges, or unlimited data or voice calls. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp, and some or the other time would have received such tempting forward messages from friends.

Scammers have opted WhatsApp as the platform to try on their malicious activities and affected the users and their personal information. Most often these long forwarded messages offering free services specially comes with a link, clicking on which is highly risky for the users.

However, most of us have received such hoax messages and have fallen prey to them by clicking on the link that comes along with the message. Which in turn indicates that the cunning scammers have trapped a lot of WhatsApp users tempting them with free offers. Considering the growing number of such scammed WhatsApp messages, we at GizBot have come up with 5 simple tips to follow to protect yourself from such messages.

FREE and UNLIMITED Messages are Usually Fake Most WhatsApp messages stating to offer free and unlimited services are usually fake and shouldn't be trusted upon. For instance, considering a recent message said to be sent by BSNL and Airtel offering unlimited 4g data, free voice calls and more is absolutely fake and should be ignored.

Check For Spelling Errors Well, authorized messages will be accurate and there will not be any spelling error. However, if there is any in a forwarded WhatsApp message, there is a high chance that the message might be a scam. Beware.

Is there a Link? Usually, an official forwarded message will nor have a link, and just in case if it has, checks for the link. For instance, in the recently circulated BSNl unlimited offer message, the link mentioned was http://bsnl.co/sim, however, the official BSNL website's URL is http://www.bsnl.in/. Hence this indicates that the message is a spam and shouldn't be entertained or further forwarded.

Confirm With Official Source Before believing any such WhatsApp messages stating that a telecom operator is offering unlimited and free services, the first thing that should be done before relying on such messages is to confirm with an official source, websites or any other.

Avoid These Kind of Messages WhatsApp messages promising free recharge, unlimited services, forward this to 10 WhatsApp users, WhatsApp shutting down and more should be ignored completely.


The New Age Dating Apps And Sites – How Effective Are They In India?

More and more young people, especially in urban areas, are dating as a way of meeting up. There are many dating apps available, but how effective are they in India?

Recently, a friend of mine called me up talking excitedly about a dating app. Like any typical single Indian woman (especially if single for 'too long'), tired of the constant nagging by family and society in finding a partner (the 'sole purpose' of a woman), tired of the typical matrimonial sites or 'well-wishers' who decide the 'right' partner based on odd factors, loneliness created by the lack of good companions ('all of my friends got married!'), desperation and guilt about not being able to find a compatible life partner and unable to move forward in life without one (sadly, many women still define themselves by the man they have in life), my friend was understandably excited about the dating app.

It is a good thing that our country, ((though still limited to the modern, urban and educated), is opening up to the new age ways of dating in finding companionship and relationships, based on mutual compatibility, interests, values, dreams and wants of an individual rather than the traditional ‘match-making criteria’, and is realizing the importance of true compatibility in a relationship than fixing a marriage.



Women to men ratio

Having myself used many of the apps and websites, I could find that the ratio of women to men on these platforms is very small. Even though these platforms are trying to market it as more freedom and empowerment to women, the number of women signing up for online dating is still low.


Then there is the undeniable creepiness factor. At least in India (in my experience), one can’t avoid the existence of creepy, clingy and dangerous men lurking around almost anywhere, which a woman needs to deal with constantly in our society. Did I forget to mention about the married men signing up on these dating platforms? Yes, you heard me right.

How safe is it?

Another concern is the security. Though the apps claim and advertise it to be safe and secure, how safe does someone feel, especially women, when the screenshots of pictures can be saved on the device (though some apps now have added counter-measures for that)? More importantly, when one needs to share their personal data, like the need to use your Facebook account on such a public platform? This is considering that this is the age of digital stalkers, though the marketers claim that there are measures implemented for security?

Virtual v/s real

Another factor is the virtual nature of the relationships built on such online platforms. Many signing up on these just prefer to keep the relationship behind the curtains of the internet, with no interest in meeting in person or real relationships being formed. It is just used to scratch the itch to talk or chat with someone.

Social acceptance

Then comes the social stigma attached to dating that is still prevalent in the society when it comes to choosing one’s own companion or partner. So, after a while of ‘modern’ dating, the daddy’s girls and mama’s boys finally go the traditional way of ‘fixing’, for a serious and real relationship.



The problem is our very definition of dating and the expectations attached to it. And the culture and mindset of our society. From my own personal experience, and also as pointed out by the author of this article, dating itself is quite complicated in India.  We consider ourselves to be modern, would love to pronounce so to others, but in fact, lead a dual life of lie that is pretty much narrow-minded and with no moral codes. We have our own definition of modernism and conservatism – which is, in fact, the very problem for many people in finding a compatible partner, be it through dating or otherwise.

Then comes the expectation part.  Generically classifying, the kind of people one meet on such online platforms are –

  • the ones tired of traditional match-making,
  • desperately looking for partners via dating to tie the knot,
  • the ones having some fun time around,
  • some for casual relationships,
  • and a few looking for real companions

It is when the mismatching categories meet that the expectation fails and dating becomes ineffective. As mentioned earlier, a good percentage of people using such platforms are the married ones. Once I was seeing a man who ‘conveniently’ forgot to mention that he had a wife and while in the middle of a dinner with him, I saw him chatting on one of apps with two other girls simultaneously!

So, given this existing situation in our society, how can one effectively date?

  • Personally, I still believe in the traditional methods of dating, something that in fact, actually worked for me. Go out in the real world to meet real people and make real relationships rather than limiting yourself to the virtual world of apps or sites. Go out to social gatherings and events in your place, like in Meetup and Couchsurfing, and get to meet real people in such places. Also, get yourself involved in the activities and causes  you care about or are passionate about, and meet people who really share your same interests. Even if things may not work out as a great date with them, you might end up having great friendships with many.
  • Dating is still a new concept to many in the country, and people have their own definition of it. So, get your expectations and priorities clear first. Decide where you draw your lines. Dating means different things to different people, but never forget what it means to you and what you want out of it. So stick to it, no matter what.
  • As with anything else, before using any online platforms or apps, check the reviews, do your homework, and choose wisely.
  • Always trust your gut feeling or intuition, in any situation. If something or someone does not feel right or is not comfortable with, walk out of it. Have the courage to let go of the relationships that doesn’t work for you.
  • Take it slow. Never get desperate. Never define yourself by the person you have in your life or will have. And don’t keep holding off your life for the right person to come in. Everything will fall in place in its right time, as destined in your path of life.


Recharge Apps – A Window to Paperless Transactions

Paperless Transactions are the Future!

Did you know that by 2017, India is set to cross the 500 million internet users mark? The growth in numbers is phenomenal, considering that it was 200 million in 2013. This rising number also includes the 314 million mobile internet users. Statistics released by IAMAI also reveal that the 3G user base in India is growing rapidly and will grow up to 61.3% during 2013-2017.

Speaking in numbers, the approximate 82 million 3G user base in India at the end of 2014 is estimated to reach to 284 million by then end of 2017. The increase in mobile internet penetration is also leading to an increase in the number of mobile applications being used. Everything is being shifted to the smartphone with the help of various apps available for download, be it gaming, social networking or even recharge apps, everything is available in plenty.

Financial matters are also shifting their base to the virtual world, as per the convenience of the customer. Transactions are becoming more and more paperless day by day. According to a report in The Economic Times, in the financial year of 2015, cashless transactions summed up to INR 92 lakh crore, as opposed to INR 82 lakh crore cheque and other paper-based transactions.

Here are a few major contributors to paperless transactions in India.

Retail Industry

The mall culture has changed our shopping outlook a lot since its inception. First, it gave us the facility of shopping for everything under one roof. Now, it is leading the way in paperless transactions as well. All malls and retail stores are equipped with POS machines, through which the customer can make card payments. With all our shopping needs being met without having to use cash at retail stores and malls, this industry has contributed a major share of INR 65 lakh crore in the total paperless transactions.


The contribution of e-commerce in India can be understood by the fact that in 2014, it registered retail sales of US$5.30 billion. In its initial days, COD was the more preferred option for payment for e-commerce transactions. But with time, online payment has increased its reach and now accounts for 14% of the total transactions.

Online Payment for Utilities

With the introduction of apps like digibank, utility bill payments have become easier. Payments for all utility bills are covered by these apps. You can also use dedicated recharge apps, which makes recharging your mobile phone online so much more convenient. And we all know how crucial mobile phones and recharges are in today's day and date. Better discounts provided by these apps also attract more customers, making a significant contribution towards cashless transactions.

With all the advancements and statistical predictions, paperless transactions do seem to be the trend that we should look out for.

Why a budget phone makes perfect sense

Why do you spend money on expensive phones?

         – Because they have high-grade features

         – Because they work really fast!

         – Because they look incredible!

Now, what if we told you that you don’t need to pay tens of thousands of rupees extra to get all this, because budget phones have it all?

Almost every popular company is coming up with feature-packed phones that can give expensive phones a run for their money, literally, which is why the stigma related to a ‘cheap’ phone has dissolved lately. In addition, with designer phone covers and gorilla screens and metallic paint, who’s to say the budget phone you hold in your hands is anything but premium?

These phones are doing everything you expect from a top-grade phone, but economically so. Be it a quad/octa core processor, fingerprint sensor, dual rear camera, you’ll get it all. Case in point – the XOLO Era 2x which you can get for Rs 6,666 and Rs. 7,499.



There will be another phone with newer features in the market before you can get used to the one in your hand. Unlike super-expensive smartphones, which you would only dare to buy once in 3-5 years, budget phones can be upgraded with just a bit of smart saving on your part. So, you don’t need to worry about being stuck with the same ol’ device for the rest of your life!




Maybe move up to a XOLO Era 1X with dual 4G support, quad core processor and 8MP camera for just Rs 5, 149?

Expensive phones raise their price with one or two “patented designs” that rarely justify the price. On the other hand, budget phones strive to give you everything while keeping the price in control.




The belief that more money always gets you better quality is changing now, since phones such as the XOLO Era 2X, Era 2, Era 1X, etc. are giving you all the latest features in a budget. So, why pay more and regret it later?

4 personal finance apps you need to have on your phone

The toughest part about running a household is managing the finances. And the doors are always open for new and extraordinary ways to supervise your expenditure. Mobile applications are now coming forward with solutions to these. Organizing finances is becoming as easy as buying or selling online using a smartphone. Here are 5 personal finance apps that would assist you in your daily dealings.

1) My Tax India: The tax calculator

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if you could calculate the amount of tax you need to pay without having to go to a financial consultant? You couldnat ask for more with the My Tax India app. The app is free for Android and iOS users. It comes handy even if you are a novice to personal finance or using mobile based applications. The app does not file the tax for you. However, it does help you understand the amount of tax you need to pay along with possible investment options that save tax. Thatas killing two birds with one stone.

2) Qykly: The expense manager

If you want a free personal manager, look no further. Qykly enables you to set a monthly budget, reminds you to pay utility bills, credit card, mobile bills, EMIs and more. You could keep a watch on all your spending. For example, you could auto track expenses through credit or debit cards, monitor your money from different online wallets like paytm, payu etc. Qykly reads information from your SMS inbox to help you track your train and fight booking status and notifies you before a journey. It is an android app that tracks all your expenses, bank transactions and provides travel booking solutions. Could you ask for more?

3) Walnut: The money manager

Walnut is an all-bank money manager. It analyses your SMS inbox to track expenditure, bills, and tickets. It also goes a step further by enabling you to find an active ATM with cash near you. It works on both android and iOS platforms. The android app enables you to categorize your expenses, pay Visa credit card bills and split/settle bills with friends. You might also be able to transfer money between friends without the need for sharing account numbers, IFSC codes or wallets. The iOS version would allow you to only transfer money to friends, and split and settle spends over chat. That isnat such a bad deal when you have other iOS-specific apps.

4) iExpense Dairy: The budgeting app

You might try extremely hard month-on-month to stick to a budget. However, it might not really work. This is where you could benefit from the iExpense Dairy. It is an app available for both android and iPhone users and it is free. It works by letting you enter your income and expenses. The expenses come with categories and sub-categories. For example, Food could be further categorized into grocery or restaurants. You are able to view detailed reports on your expenditure and reoccurring expenses. This way you know where your budget is getting out of hand.

There is never a quiet moment in the extremely competitive world of apps. Personal Finance is one of the major concerns for everyone. It is only fair that there are apps that could assist you in it and make managing finance and life easier for you.

Source Simplus

10 Android Apps Gaming lovers MUST AVOID to save battery from draining out fast!

Many are worried as well as curious to find out why smartphone's battery keeps draining so fast. While, there are many reason to drain your battery faster than your exception. One could by the apps you are using on the smartphone. The security company, AVG, has came up with a quarterly Android App Performance Report that shows up all the apps that are causing battery drain. AVG has studied one million of its users to see which apps were the most consuming data, battery and storage on their devices.

We have jotted down the top 10 gaming apps that drains battery faster. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

This is the first game to come in the series developed by King. Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You need to switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in this puzzle adventure. The game progress automatically sync between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet. The app is available in the Google Play Store.

The Pet Rescue Saga is also developed by the maker of Candy Crush Saga. Similar to its other gaming apps, the Pet Rescue Saga is free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. The app is about rescuing the pets by matching two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and rescue the pets from the evil Pet Snatchers. The app is available on Google Play Store.

Supercell developed the strategy gaming app: the Clash of Clans. The app is free to download and play, however some game items can be purchased. You have to build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans. The app is available on Google Play Store.

The Farm Heroes Saga is also developed by the maker of Candy Crush Saga. Like other apps by the developers, the Farm Heroes Saga is also free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You need to switch and match three or more adorable crops to clear the level. The app is available on Google Play Store.

Similar to the Candy Crush Saga, the Cookie Jam is also a puzzle gaming app developed by SGN. The gaming app has hundreds of unique levels. You need to switch and match three or more cookie jams to clear the level. You can seamless sync the game progress across multiple devices and platforms. The app is available on Google Play Store.

Boom Beach it similar to the Clash of Clans strategy gaming apps developed by Supercell. You have to attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders and unlock the secrets of tropical paradise. Create a Task Force with players around the world to take on the enemy together. The app is available on Google Play Store.

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga comes the Bubble Witch 2 Saga. The Bubble Witch 2 Saga is the second version of the gaming app. Stella and her cats need your help to fend off the dark spirits that are plaguing their land. Travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as you can. The app is available on Google Play Store.


Solitaire by MobilityWare is one of the popular card game available in the app market. The app comes with Daily Challenges each day, and you have to solve the challenge and receive a crown for that day. The app is similar to play as you play in the Windows PC. The app is available on Google Play Store.

Pou, a unique gaming app is developed by Zakeh. You need to take of an alien pet. You have to feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up while leveling up and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste. The app is available on Google Play Store.

Source Gizbot