5 reasons you need Xolo Era 1X everyday in your life

Did you see the Supermoon the other night? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? Too bad we won’t witness that for another 18 years. Remember that one time when your outfit had everyone turning around or when that sporty friend of yours tried to do a backflip and failed miserably? Memories, sweet memories. We have so many of those and how we cherish them; knowing very well that that might never happen again.

This is where cameras make our lives better? From documenting those rare, once-in-a-lifetime-moments to taking “mandatory selfies”, they are right there. But taking just photos and videos with a camera is so 2010. XOLO takes cameras to a whole new level with the Era 1X. Here are 5 reasons why XOLO Era 1X camera is the best way to save your memories.


  • 1. Because a picture only speaks a thousand words: What is better than a photo? A photo that lives. The Live Photo feature offered by the Era 1X lets you bring your photos to life by taking a short video with audio, but still letting you view and use them just like any other photo. Selfie shenanigans with your besties just became way more fun, won’t you agree?


  • 2. Because who wants a bad picture: We have all experienced that moment when the camera is just not able to capture the true you. Be it the lack of good lighting or a bad skin day, the intelligent camera with inbuilt Beauty Mode in Era 1X will adjust the brightness, contrast etc. so you look the best you in every picture. Now go on, take as many of those early morning selfies as you want.

  • 3. Because there’s no time for long boring videos: The next time you want to show your friends the amazing sunset you witnessed at the beach, don’t bore them with a 15-minute-long video of the sun inching towards the horizon. The Time Lapse option allows you to make crisp rapid motion videos with speed adjustment so the slow pace of life doesn’t take away the fun.

Time Lapse - GIF

  • 4. Because you want to enjoy every second of it: Era 1X lets you make the most mundane things look cool with its Slow-Motion Video option. Not just that, you can also enjoy every detail of the video with the best possible resolution. So, the next time you hit your friend with a water balloon, don’t forget to say “Happy Holi” but after that, enjoy the perfect shot with every detail in slow motion.

Slow Motion


  • 5. Because anything less than HD is not acceptable: What’s the point of saving memories if they are not as clear as what you saw? I mean, that surprise birthday party is not the same if you can’t see the surprise on your mother’s face, is it? XOLO Era 1X allows you to take pictures and record videos in Full HD so every pixel comes to life and transports you to the time it actually happened. After all, isn’t that why we have cameras in the first place?

So, if one phone allows you to do all of that, why would you want anything else?


What makes Xolo Era 2 smart camera so smart?

Have you ever taken a picture, hoping to capture the moment as it happens; instead all you got was a blurry image? Or maybe you tried to record a short video, but perhaps missed the moment even before the camera started rolling. If you have faced any of these issues, you should know that you aren’t alone. Many people, especially smartphone users, have always wanted a little more from their phone camera in terms of quality and functionality. It just so happens that XOLO has been listening, and as a result, the Era 2 is designed with a Smart Camera that lets you do a whole lot more than ever before. What’s a smart camera, you ask? Well, in simple terms, it’s a camera that has several smart features that take smartphone photography to a whole new level.

  • Quality images in low light: Almost every smartphone user has been victim to fuzzy, pixilated images, especially when it comes to snapping pictures in darker environments. With the Era 2’s smart camera, you no longer have to worry about grainy, red eye images that give you a ghostly appearance. Why? Because the camera has Big Pixel Technology and a 4P Largan Lens, which together, give you clear and sharp images, even when taken in low light settings. Now all those precious moments from your barbeque nights and moonlight drives can be captured just as they happened.






  • Time Lapse Photography: Okay, so not everyone has the time and patience to sit through long videos of you driving down a winding beach road (despite the scenic view). But they might sit through it because they love you. Luckily, with Time Lapse Photography, you don’t have to put them through the trouble. This feature speeds up the playback on your video, making it seem like time is moving faster. So, now you can show off your cooking or craft-making skills without worrying about trying anyone’s patience.







  • Quick! Get the camera: Let’s be honest; we’ve all missed out on great photo opportunities because we couldn’t get to the camera quick enough. That’s another thing that Era 2’s Smart Camera hopes to eliminate. A simple double tap on the home button takes you straight to the camera, even while using any other application. Less time to get to the camera means you’re definitely going to capture those candid moments.


  • Live Photos: No, these aren’t micro videos, though they might appear to be. Live Photos are simply animated pictures that include sound. They capture 1.5 seconds before and after hitting the camera button, allowing you to get a capture a complete reaction. So, the next time your kid squeals with joy over a new gift, yes, you’ll get that full reaction on camera.Don’t think that’s good enough? Well, there’s more to the Era 2’s Smart Camera than that. Slow Motion, Panorama, Active Shot and Beauty Mode (which practically edits your picture to make it perfect) are some of the other features this smartphone camera offers.








XOLO #KuchKarteHain campaign wins hearts this Diwali

It’s often during the biggest and most important times of the year that people tend to overlook the small things in life. We focus so much on making big things happen that we fail to see and realize the importance of small joys.

This Diwali, at Xolo, we decided to do something different. We thought #KuchKarteHain.


We teamed up with My Angels Academy, a trust which works for the underprivileged children of the slums in New Delhi, where the kids are trained and coached in the sport of football. With a view of making this Diwali a better and brighter one for them, we had a fun interactive session with the kids, distributed gifts and in our small way, tried to make a small difference in their life. By providing some resources, we played a small part in bringing out the best of these kids’ talent and making their dreams come true.


What ensued was a day full of fun and football for the kids, who enjoyed their time in the sun and made some wonderful memories. Doing something nice for these kids meant that their Diwali was just as happy and unforgettable as so many others’.


The best part? These kids’ smiles were just as bright as the lanterns that illuminated the city that same night.


Check out XOLO’s #KuchKarteHain video and feel the warmth spread within you too.



Try These 5 Tricks To Boost Your Smartphone’s Internet Speed

Has the internet speed on your Android smartphone drop down tremendously? Here're the tricks to boost it up.

The Internet is an integral part of our lives, and any interruption in that might be extremely annoying for anyone.

Check your network connection' is one message that is often very irritating. When recharged, the internet in your Android mobile might work well, however later in the month the internet might just slow down drastically, which can often be a nightmare to many.
Imagine if your internet connection slows down in the middle of watching a movie, or doing some office task? This is one problem that all mobile users have been facing for a long time now. However, there are 5 quick tricks that Android mobile users can try out to speed up their internet connection.

  • 1. Clear the Cache After your cache memory is full, your Android phone automatically slows down. Hence cleaning your Androids cache will deliver a faster mobile experience, by speeding up the internet connection.
  • 2. Uninstall Useless Apps We are often habituated with downloading several apps on our phone, which in turn lowers down the speed of the internet speed. So, uninstalling these unnecessary apps from your phone is important to speed up the internet.
  • 3. Use Android Apps to Increase Internet Speed There are very many Android apps available to speed up the internet, and downloading them is a must. Apps like Internet Booster and Optimizer, Faster Internet 2X and more, is a mandatory download to speed up the internet on Android.
  • 4. Enable the Maximum Loading Data Option Changing the settings can also help an Android user to speed up their internet connection. Go to the Wireless and Network settings on your Android device and select the GPRS transfer to Data Prefer, in order to increase the internet speed.
  • 5. Switch OFF and ON the Internet Connection The most easiest of the all is to switch the data connection OFF and then ON it fresh. Doing so often solve the connection issue, and in turn, increases the internet speed.

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Don’t Do These 9 Mistakes With Your New Android Smartphone

You have probably heard a lot about what to do and what not to do during you Android purchase, but remain skeptical about its usage. Here are the top 9 things to avoid when getting your first Android phone.

#1 Google Play Store is the Android equivalent of the App Store on iOS. It has products and services ranging from apps, music, movies to even Google's devices. If you are planning to grab one of them, don't purchase Play Store cards as they cannot be used to devices on the Store; you will end up losing your money.

#2 Android phones are made by hundreds of OEMs across the world and each manufacturer. This creates the problem of software updates being inconsistent on each device. While some phones get faster updates, don't even see the latest Android update till 10-11 months after launch.

#3 Unlike iOS, Android is completely open source and thus prone to spyware and virus attacks. The Play Store has many kinds of sketchy apps that may work differently than advertised, so always download apps based on the reviews and real-life experiences from verified people.

#4 Facebook is an extremely heavy Android app, along with a data sucker. The best option is to skip the Facebook apps like Messenger and go for lighter options. Apps like Tinfoil and Metal are good alternatives for your social media experience.

#5 Rooting is the process of tweaking your Android device in such a way that gives it superuser rights to perform functions that it was earlier incapable of. Rooting gives administrative permission to certain apps. Root your phone only if you are completely confident, otherwise you'll end up bricking it.

#6 With the crazy advent of fingerprint and iris scanners on smartphones, it is almost certain that your Android smartphone sports one of these to give it the extra edge in protection. It is highly recommended to protect it with a PIN or password.

#7 Android smartphones let you create a seamless user experience across devices. The best way to sync your contacts and back them up is by storing them on your Google account, rather than the phone itself. This ensures that they remain on the cloud and accessible anywhere.

#8 This is a common misconception that killing recent apps all the time helps reduce the load on the processor and improves RAM and battery performance. The fact is that the opposite happens. RAM and battery actually deteriorates because of the extra load of opening and refreshing apps again and again.

#9 It's almost senseless to mentions this again, but you do not need to use task killers on Android. Android is able to manage background resources just fine without your intervention.

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