Revolutionary dual rear camera

With dual 13MP+2MP rear camera you will have the power of 2 lenses, one for the regular imaging and other one to record the depth of the image, giving the phone its signature craftsmanship.


Fast Focus

Imagine yourself in a situation when you have fraction of seconds to capture that one in a million shot, and by the time your camera adjusts the focus, the moment is lost. With BLACK, you will never miss out on those breathtaking moments with a focus speed of just 0.15 second!


Focus-Refocus after you click.

UbiFocus™ makes it easier to take pictures of a scene where different objects are located at different depth positions. It gives you the freedom to focus on the object of your choice, post shoot. Whether that’s keeping everything in focus, or choosing to emphasize on any one element in the frame, UbiFocus™ gives you the final say on the image you capture.

Perfect pictures in any light.

The ChromaFlash™ feature is engineered to quickly snap two shots, one with flash and one without. The final single image that you get is a sublime blend of the brightness from the flash and rich colors from the other, delivering a beautifully balanced shot.


Zoom in, without pixilating.

Keep zooming without compromising on clarity. The Optizoom™ camera feature captures up to 12 images in a burst capture to give you a single crisp image of high resolution that has enhanced levels of precision in every pixel of the image.

Front camera with Flash

You’ll fall in love with clicking selfies all over again. The 5MP front camera with wide angle lens and flash lets your click clear and sharp selfies even in low light conditions.

Photo Studio
powered by Adobe

Click like a pro and edit like a pro. We’ve simplified all the professional features for you in BLACK with Photo Studio, powered by Adobe. It comes with a host of editing features, letting you make your image even sharper, clearer and beautiful.

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